Top 5 Cameras to Take Travelling

Now, if you follow the photography tips on our previous blog post, then it doesn't matter whether you have the best gear, but it can't harm to look the part ! It's just another excuse to go shopping and treat yourself to a fancy camera... We've chosen our Top five travel cameras that won't break the bank...too much!

5. Fujifilm Finepix HS50EXR

This bridge camera is ideal for the traveller who wants to travel light but doesn't want to compromise on awesome quality. The Fujifilm has a great zoom, so it's ideal for capturing moments on your Trek that you would miss with a normal point and shoot camera, its image stabilisation means that it will make sure those zoomed images aren't blurry, but perfectly in focus.


4. Olympus Tough

This camera is testament that good things come in small packages. A pocket-size point and shoot camera that is completely shock-proof, freezeproof and waterproof, so if you're like me and you need something idiot-proof, then this camera might be the best one for you.


3. Diana Lomography Camera

I personally have one of these cameras and it's so much fun. Yeah, you might not get the best quality photos, but you will have images that are fun and creative. It's toy like appearance will make sure no one will be trying to steal it and it's the lightest camera I've ever used. For me, the best thing about it is, it's a film camera, so you actually have to wait and see what your photos look like. Good things definitely come to those who wait, I promise!


2. Panasonic TZ40

This is the ideal travel companion and is perfect if you're a novice photographer, looking for a great but easy to use camera. It has a wide lens for all of those landscape shots you will be taking and it has one of the longest zooms on a compact camera.


1. Nikon D3200

This camera is extremely travel friendly, it won't squeeze in your backpack, but it won't feel like you're carrying a brick around your neck. Still one of the lighest and smallest DSLR cameras around, is a great entry level camera. It also produces great images, so if you're one for printing your photographs out, then get this one!



Or if you're happy using your phone camera, you can no doubt get some equally amazing photographs with your phone if you follow our best practices for taking great photographs when you're travelling, coupled with some awesome phone apps, such as Snapseed, great for editing your photographs and getting that professional touch!

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