Amazing ways young people save & why?

  • Saving for travel

Have you ever been so desperate for cash that you considered stripping for it? You may think it sounds a bit extreme, but 10% per cent of you lads (yes, we're looking at you) would seriously consider it.

Travelling is becoming a total essential, so much so that over half of you will save money for those all-important holidays. Our new fantastic infographic highlights some interesting, and pretty bizarre revelations about how young adults save money and what they end up spending it on.

For example, did you know that the average 17-30-year-old will spend 14 months saving for a holiday, paying up to £1,600 for the ultimate getaway? That's some serious dinero.

There are also some major differences when it comes to how boys and girls prefer to save. Who is more likely to sell items on eBay? Who would risk their well-earned cash on the stock market?

Here at Trek, we know you guys want life-changing experiences, but money is often the big barrier, so check out this infographic to nab some handy tips!

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