As the Alaskan BLT draws to a close…

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The last stop on the Alaskan BLT is Homer, AK. It's surrounded by the sea on the Kenai Peninsula, and on the water is definitely the place to be.

My group opted for a 6 hour sea kayaking trip out to Gull Island. First we hopped on a water taxi from Homer Spit to the base camp island, and then it was time to jump in the kayaks for the next four hours. It was a perfectly clear, sunny day and the water was incredibly calm. There were bald eagles all over the place- we saw over 20 over the course of the day! Many of them were screaming at us from the trees when we passed nearby, and we learned that in movies, normally the call of the red-tailed hawk is substituted for bald eagles. After listening to the eagles screeching I can see why!

We spent the first half of the day kayaking around rock formations, seeing all the sea stars and barnacles clinging to the rocks. After lunch we kayaked around an island full of nesting birds, and were able to spot a few sea otters floating in the water near us. We even startled one mid-nap! He jumped when we got close, but then saw it was only a bunch of kayakers and resumed his napping. Just another great day in Alaska!

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Kayaking in AlaskaKayaking in AlaskaKayaking in Alaska

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