9 Stranger Things to Do in the USA

Ready to return to the upside down? Yep, Stranger Things is back today!

Satisfy your need for the strange, mysterious, and awesome, we’ve rounded up nine of the strangest things to do in America. Some you might pass on your next trek trip, others are a little too weird for even our brave leaders...

Area 51

1. Stake out Area 51, Nevada

With an infinite universe expanding out around us, the probability that intelligent life exists somewhere out there is pretty high. Some believe they’ve already tried to make contact, and the evidence is hidden in the notorious Area 51.

Grab some binoculars and look for clues about what they’re hiding...the truth is out there!  

Bryce Canyon

2. Immerse yourself in Bryce Canyon, Utah

 The ‘hoodoos’ of Bryce Canyon make for a mighty strange landscape, as these towering orange rock spires look like something out of a movie!

Even their name sounds kinda creepy...explore them on foot or horseback, and imagine what could be lurking in the canyon’s

Visit on the Canyon Adventure

Stanley Hotel

3. Visit the haunted Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

Stephen King’s stay at the Stanley Hotel inspired one of the most iconic horror stories ever written, The Shining.

In 1909, the Stanley family opened this gorgeous resort in Colorado...and apparently never left. Mrs. Staney supposedly spends the afterlife playing her piano, while Mr. Stanley photobombs pictures. Spooky AF.

Museum of Death

4. Get morbid at the Museum of Death, Los Angeles

Not your average museum! The Museum of Death isn’t one for the faint-hearted and pulls no punches when it comes to all things postmortem. If serial killers, taxidermy and cults are your bag, this one’s for you.

Spend some pre- or post- tour nights in Los Angeles

Trans Allegheny

5. Tour the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Weston, West Virginia

The asylum was originally built to be humane – with a building design that emphasises natural light and fresh air. But mass overcrowding in the 1950s made conditions deteriorate rapidly. Restraints, shock therapy and lobotomies all became commonplace.

Hundreds of patients died during their stay.and guests claim their shadowy ghosts continue to wander the halls, looking for peace.

Craters of the Moon

6. Get closer to outer space at Craters of the Moon

On first inspection, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d fallen asleep in the van and mysteriously transported into space. Calm down Neil Armstrong - it’s just Idaho!

Craters of the Moon National Monument is one of the most otherworldly landscapes you can experience on our planet - the lava-covered landscapes of this spot have been created by volcanic eruptions over the years. Truly out of this world!

7. Defy Gravity at the Mooresville Gravity Hill, Mooresville Indiana

Legend has it that decades ago, a school bus was struck by a train as it rode over the tracks at the bottom of a hill in Mooresville. These days, if you leave your car at the bottom of the hill in neutral, it might just mysteriously roll back to the top.

Why? Locals claim it’s the spirits of the lost children pushing you to safety. Eh, at least these ghouls are helpful ones!

New Orleans VooDoo

8. Embrace a touch of voodoo in New Orleans

New Orleans has a rich history of all things slightly off-centre - and the spiritual beliefs of voodoo are just as much a part of the city as jazz bars and beignets.

There are plenty of voodoo stores around the French Quarter, packed with paraphernalia and shopkeepers who have a story or two to tell. For the full-on.


9. Search for Bigfoot, Ape Canyon, Washington

You’ve seen the bears, you’ve watched the bison - what’s next on your wildlife spotting list? Er, Bigfoot, obviously. Ape Canyon is likely the best place in the world to try your chances at discovering a Bigfoot. Hundreds of sightings through the years tell a compelling story of the mysterious beast roaming through the hills.

One such story? A group of miners in 1924 claimed to be attacked by several Bigfoot, who threw stones at them and tried to break into their cabin. So make sure you lock up after going to sleep tonight…

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