7 Unique Adventures in North America

  • 7 Unique Adventures in North America

Want to take the trip of a lifetime? Discover unique adventures that will have you telling amazing stories for months, and memories that last even longer!

1. Overnight wilderness canoe trip

Canoe in lake

Paddles at the ready! Discover escapism in the wilderness of Wells Gray National Park. What you’ll lack in luxury will be more than made up for by discovering the solitude and stillness at the heart of this amazing national park. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife, and take in the stunning mountain and old-growth forest views.

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2. Get off the beaten track in red rock country

Canyonlands National Park

The desert adventure you’ve been waiting for! Jump aboard your 4x4 vehicle and make tracks across some of the most undisturbed landscapes in the West. Hike in the Green River Desert, head to Canyonlands National Park and gaze up at the incredible formations as you walk through High Spur slot canyon. Camping out in the wilderness under the night stars, this is one unforgettable adventure!

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3. Helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon

Helicopter ride over Grand Canyon

Seeing the Grand Canyon in all its glory from the canyon rim is an amazing sight in itself – but how about soaring over it like an eagle? A helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon may not be the cheapest of adventures on this list, but it sure is spectacular – and worth it for the bragging rights and lifelong memories!

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4. CN Tower Edge Walk

CN Tower Edge Walk

Toronto’s CN Tower dominates the city skyline, and a visit to the Observation Decks is thoroughly recommended – on a clear day, visitors have reported seeing as far as Niagara Falls. For the ultimate tower thrills, though, why not take a walk around the deck roof? The CN Tower’s EdgeWalk is the world's highest full-circle, hands-free walk – time to get over that fear of heights?

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5. Hike The Narrows at Zion National Park

Sure, everyone raves about Angel’s Landing (and for good reason) – but for a whole different view of magnificent Zion National Park, why not make your way along the Narrows? A gorge with walls that get up to a thousand feet tall – but be prepared to get your feet wet, as you’ll be making your way along the Virgin River. Get wading!

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6. Explore the caves of Carlsbad Caverns

One of the largest cave systems in the world, Carlsbad Caverns is unlike any other national park you’ll visit in the USA. Witness the gnarled limestone stalactites that hang from the ceiling, and the stretching stalagmites that reach out to them. It’s almost like being on a sci-fi movie set!

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7. Head to Cowboy Camp

Cowboy camp in Western USA

Ever wanted to be a real-life Woody or Jessie? At cowboy camp, you can do just that! Betty and Rusty’s has a reputation amongst our Trekkers, and everyone who visits definitely leaves with a bit of Wild West in their hearts. Saddle up on a noble steed and make your way through iconic 20ft high cacti before tucking into dinner cooked over a roaring open fire.

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