5 Ways a Road Trip Will Change Your Life

An iconic image for you: Just imagine a gang of besties cruising along a dusty American highway, singing along to their favourite tunes and snacking on classic US gas station eats. Stopping off at the coolest roadside attractions, seeing the big sights, toasting marshmallows around the campfire and having a truly awesome time along the way.

Wish you were there? You could be! Here are five ways that a road trip will change your life…

1. Seeing amazing sights

Obviously, the Americas are PACKED with amazing sights that’ll make your Insta feed picture perfect and your mates back home green with envy. The Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Monument Valley…we could go on for days. And the feeling of seeing these sights up close with your very own eyes is something you’ll never find on a hashtag.


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2. Challenging yourself

An authentic all-American road trip is a far cry from spending a week on the beach in Costa del Somewhere – but it’s truly worth throwing yourself into. You’ll take on epic hikes, set up camp in the most stunning locations, and experience things you’d never have imagined. By the end of your adventure, you’ll feel confident enough to achieve ANYTHING.

If you’re feeling REALLY hardcore, why not take on all 48 mainland US states in an unforgettable 75-day adventure – the infamous Great 48?

3. Making new mates

New year, new squad? Everyone’s just that bit friendlier when you’re on holiday, and on your road trip, you’ll meet a whole host of new faces, with similar interests and outlooks on life. Your friends back home not willing to join you? No worries! A TrekAmerica road trip is the perfect adventure for solo travellers too - around 70% of our Trekkers join our tours solo – and leave with a van-full of brand new besties.


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4. Experiencing new cultures and traditions

If you’re relatively new to this travelling business, you'll be blown away by the diverse culture and history to be found in the Americas. Meeting local people and hearing their stories is something that’ll most certainly stay with you, and leave a lasting impression on the way you see the world around you.

5. You’ll get bitten by the travel bug…and things will never be the same!

Every year, we get lots of first-time travellers on the road with us, and many go on to be serial travellers. There’s just something about the freedom of the open road that inspires further exploring, awakening a travel curious mind and potentially kicking off a lifelong addiction. So who knows…first stop the States, next stop…everywhere?!

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