5 Reasons Why Travelling in a Group Is Awesome

Nothing feels more epic than being away from home and truly independent. With just you and the world ahead of you, you don't need to answer to anybody. The choice of what you do, how you do it, and when, offers a level of freedom you've probably never felt before. It's the best.

But after a while, you might just realise that going it alone will also bring with it its own obstacles and challenges. A great compromise? Joining a group tour that offers both stability and flexible free time, and exploring the world with a group of other people just as awesome and intrepid as you are! So check out five reasons why travelling in a group rocks! 


It's perfect for making new mates

Instead of feeling extra homesick because you're travelling solo, or bumming it around with that mate who drives you bonkers after 48 hours together, travelling with a group ensures that you not only build new friendships with strangers, but there will always be someone different to chat to. That is not to say you'll be sharing your journey with loads of other people though - our average TrekAmerica groups are between 10 and 12 people. Which means less time waiting for a shower in the morning!

Loads of our Trekkers become BFFs for life. Why? These shared experiences are a big ol' bonding experience. Whether you're gawping at the Grand Canyon , white-water rafting on the Colorado River, or squealing as you're sprayed by the mighty Niagara Falls, these are special moments you'll always remember - and that includes who you were there with!


It's a much cheaper option

When in a group, you'll have much better buying power, gaining access to more discounts and offers the more of you there are. When booking onto a tour, all your transfers, meal, accommodation and activities will be bulked together at a reduced cost, meaning you can experience more for each dollar you spend. For example, you wouldn't be able to do a group limo tour on your own, or how about sharing transfers to and from the airport?

The costs of independent travel can really start to add up. Once you consider everything such as accommodation, food, entrance fees, excursions, road tolls, bus passes and local taxis or car hire and fuel, you'll soon wish you were doing it differently.

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You'll be able to try out new experiences

Would you ever rollerblade on LA's Venice Beach? Hike to the rugged peaks of Yosemite for a stunning sunset? Or try out chicken and waffles? Your answer may be yes or no to some or all of these, but when travelling with others, you may end up trying things that you otherwise wouldn't have. It's not about peer pressure - it's just others giving you the feeling that it's fine to leave your comfort zone a bit.

 Raft Tennessee's Ocoee River

Furthermore, with our super expert Trek Leaders handling your itinerary, you'll be able to see all the obvious landmarks and all the hidden gems along the way that you might've not even heard about if it weren't for those with the local knowledge.


It's the chance to gain a wider perspective

Travelling with strangers will add a whole new dimension to your trip - just think about all those stories you're going to be sharing around the campfire! People you meet along the way will bring you out of your bubble back home, and give you the chance to learn about new ways of life from around the world.


These fellow adventurers, with their own backgrounds and experiences, will offer further insight and a new perspective on some of the things you'll see on your trip. You just might not see the Statue of Liberty the same way again!

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You'll get some time to relax

Roadtrippin' the USA independently brings with it a series of worries. You'll need to plan every little detail, and ensure you have all the appropriate documentation to get in, around and out safely. Navigating all that red tape can be...well, super boring, as well as time-consuming and stressful. 

TrekAmerica tour group

If you'd rather make the most of the time you have away and not have to worry about organisation - let others do the dull logistics, then choose your own fun adventures in your plentiful free time!


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