5 Reasons Why Taking Off Without Your Mates Will Be The Best Holiday You’ve Ever Been On

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Your friends are some of the most influential people you will ever meet, they shape who you are as a person and will either be with you for just a short period of time in your life, or they will be with you till you're old and grey. A life without friends would be an extremely dull place, indeed.

But, would you ever consider hitting the road and going on holiday without your bestest pals? Taking the plunge and booking that flight without any of your nearest and dearest is by no means an easy task and it can be one of the scariest moments of your life, but we guarantee you definitely won't regret it!

Here are five reasons why taking off without your mates will lead to one of the best holidays you've ever been on.


1. Tackling the great open road on your own will give you the ultimate sense of freedom

Once you've got past that initial panic of "Oh my god, I am actually doing this, I'm on my own!" – make sure you embrace that open road. There is some comfort in knowing that you won't be alone for very long, joining a TrekAmerica tour you can rest assured that there will be 12 other people in the same boat as you. As you hit the road, with the likes of The Grand Canyon and San Francisco awaiting your arrival, that sense of freedom will have you wanting to explore more and more, in no time.

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2. Create your very own stories

It's true one of the best things about going on holiday with your friends is that years down the line, you can recount all the fun times you had together. But, how good would it be to sit in the pub when you get home and have everyone listening intently to that time you saw a bear peering over a rock in Yosemite or that time you danced with that hot stranger in a bar in New Orleans? One of the best things about travelling is inspiring others to do the same thing and don't worry you will have made so many friends on your travels that you will still have someone to reminisce with.

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3. Going solo will leave you feeling more adventurous

The definition of 'Adventurous' – willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences. Making the decision to travel solo is nothing short of adventurous, you are pushing out of your comfort zone and going into the unknown, and everyone knows that's where you have the most fun. Trying new experiences and pushing yourself, whether that is trying new foods, jumping out of a plane or simply saying hello to stranger, doing all this without your best mate to have your back takes some serious guts, and we take our hats off to you!

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4. Your friends are great, but how about making some new ones?

I am still in contact with a handful of friends that I met at school, but let's face it, who we were back then is a far cry from who we are now. Some of my closet friends in my life right now are the people I have met out on the road. You could know these people for one evening or you could be travelling with them for weeks, but what you will find is that all the experiences you share with them will create a bond that lasts a lifetime. Even if you never see them again, you will always remember that person you ran through the pouring rain with, one random evening on that awesome trip you did. So love the friends you have, but don't be afraid to make some new ones along the way!

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5. Forget about who you are at work or at home, and be that person you've always known you are

Sometimes the grind of daily life can take its toll, it can make you anxious, grumpy and just down right bored, and we all know that's not who you really are. Leaving everything at home, including your bestie is a great way to really make time to find out what makes YOU happy. Pushing your limits on a solo trip will challenge you as a person and you'll soon realise just how great you really are!

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So now's the hard part, making that decision to hit the road by yourself and have a darn good time, with 12 friends who you haven't met yet. But, if you really can't leave your friend at home, we guess they can come with you!

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