20 hilarious road signs in the USA

  • Chicken Alaska road sign

Getting from point A to B can often be the highlight of any road trip. It's all about the journey, not the destination, or whatever they tend to say. However, if you have exhausted your Taylor Swift playlist or got bored of taking selfies in the back seat ("Are we there yet?" becomes a cliche too often used!), it might be worth simply looking out of your window for amusement.

Why? Well, the epic landscapes of the USA are reason enough, but in the bizarre world that is rural America, you may find yourself stumbling upon some funny roadside attractions. No, we're not talking about the local loon, but hilarious road signs. Whether it's an amusingly-named town you've never heard of or lettering that has been lost in translation, here are some of the funniest road signs you can encounter on the open USA trail.


1. Hillbilly Ln

Not to be PC or anything, but we reckon there's something wrong with this. It's become such a favourite with travellers in Austin, Texas, that, as you can see, the sign has had to be secured with a metal wire.

Hillbilly Lane


2. Shedd Cemetery Drive

In a cruel twist of irony, there seems to be a dead end on Shedd Cemetery Drive in Oregon. We don't think the town planners thought about this one.

Dead End


3. Correctional Facility

We don't know about you but we love picking up strangers from correctional facilities. Disclaimer: this is not part of any of our USA tours.



4. Don't hit the bridge...

Another example of mere stupidity, this sign proves you don't need to have a PhD in physics to drive around America.

Bridge Sign


5. Highway to Hell

Giving the song 'Highway to Hell' a whole new meaning, the town of Hell in Michigan is worth passing by purely to giggle at the signs. It's especially amazing in the winter when Hell, literally, freezes over.

Highway to Hell road sign


6. Tahquitz Canyon

Okay, that's fine, but which is the way? Confusing drivers in California for decades...

Not the way road sign


7. Drive-Thru

During your trip, you're bound to experience America's lip-smacking and tongue-tantalising food – trust us when we say it's brilliant. You probably won't want your food to horrify you though.

Funny drive thru sign


8. Chicken, Alaska

Chicken in Alaska has various jokes going for it, but this sign tops them all. We'll just leave this here...

Chicken Alaska road sign


9. Stop right there, pilgrim

We all sang 'To be a Pilgrim' in school. And this is probably the politest road sign in the history of road signs.

Stop Pilgrim Sign


10. Shotgun hunting

Only in Maine may you have an area where kids play and hunting occurs with shotguns only. There's something quite worrying about this, but you can't help but chuckle nonetheless.

Maine Shotgun sign


11. No Name Lane

Let's take a trip down No Name Lane. We heard the party's thumping over there.

No Name Lane


12. Intercourse, Pennsylvania

The village of intercourse in Pennsylvania is home to just over 1,000 residents and it is ironically located in the Amish County. There's not much here, apart from the road signs that you in no way can steal.

Intercourse road sign


13. Climax, Georgia

After Intercourse, it would only be natural to head to Climax. This city in Georgia is named this way because it is located at the highest point of the rail road between Savannah, Georgia, and the Chattahoochee River. And with a population of just over 300 now, it never fails to make us snigger like little kids.

Climax road sign


14. Dildo, Newfoundland

You may as well flock to Dildo while you're at it. Okay, so we may be cheating a bit here, as this is located on the charming island of Newfoundland in Canada, but it's certainly worth mentioning it on this list. The area has a long history, going as far back as 2000 BC – that's one very old dildo.

Dildo road sign


15. Boring, Oregon

On the other end of the spectrum, why not explore Boring? This town in Oregon is actually twinned with the village of Dull in Scotland, and the Dull and Boring celebrations are held annually on August 9th in Oregon with pipers and barbershop quartets – doesn't sound too boring to us.

Boring road sign


16. Go home...

Talking of being boring, we're not too sure where this place is but it doesn't sound too fun nor welcoming. Makes for a cracking sign though.

Go home road sign


17. Sotp

There are fails and then there are epic fails. Looks like some poor sod carried out this ratchet paint job; shall we 'sotp' or 'og'?

Misspelt stop sign


18. Next Million Miles

Journeys can often feel like millions of miles, but they're actually not. Unless you believe this sign of course.

Million miles road sign


19. Unalaska, Alaska

So let's get this right. There's a place in Alaska called Unalaska. Ok...



20. Waterproof, Louisiana

Finally, the water tank in Waterproof, Louisiana, is a spectacle for all the wrong reasons.



On your next big trip to the USA, try and count how many hilarious road signs you can spot along the way – you'll be surprised at your final tally – while extravagant, stunning and enriching, the USA can be one odd place too!

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