10 animals everyone wants to spot in Yellowstone

Wildlife-spotting is a total passenger fave - and plenty of our past Trekkers know ALL about that rush of excitement when you see your first bear! In Yellowstone National Park, wildlife is plentiful - so get those cameras out and keep alert for Yellowstone's 'perfect ten' creatures to spot!


Bear at Yellowstone

Of course, bears are a top sight for all our passengers - and in Yellowstone, you might just find yourself a Grizzly Bear or two!


Wolf in Yellowstone National Park

For around 70 years, Yellowstone had no wolf population - but after their reintroduction in 1995, they can now be found in the park once more.


Moose in Yellowstone National Park

The bulls are characterised by their massive, flat antlers - you'll recognise them from a mile off!


Bison in Yellowstone National Park

These herbivores are a common sight in Yellowstone and the largest grazing mammals in the park. Sometimes they'll make their way onto the roads causing a 'bison jam' - definitely not your usual traffic stopper! 

Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat

You might just spot these amusing creatures making their way along the park's hills - they're not native to Yellowstone, but have been around since the 1940s.


Wolverine at Yellowstone

Nope, you probably won't find Hugh Jackman making his way around Yellowstone...but wolverines themselves have been documented as wandering the park lands. 


Beaver in Yellowstone

Just beavering away...these creatures have been making a comeback since the 90s, and can mostly be found in the Bechler River, Fall River, Yellowstone River delta and lower Madison River areas of the park. 


Deer in Yellowstone

The mule deer can be found grazing in the park's forests, grasslands, and shrub lands. Its name comes from its large, mule-like ears. In particular, the antlers of the bucks might be spotted above low shrub lines to alert visitors to where they'll be found.


Otter in Yellowstone National Park

The North American River Otter can be found frolicking in the park's waterways, snacking on fish, ambhibians and other small water-dwelling animals. They're playful critters, often found chasing and wrestling their friends around the river.


Wolf in Yellowstone National Park

Okay, sure, you might spot the common fox on your high street or along country lanes, but the lesser-spotted Red Fox in Yellowstone is always a great one to catch sight of, especially as they're now becoming a rarer sight in the park due to coyote populaton growth.

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