Southern Sun from Los Angeles

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Southern Sun from Los Angeles

amazing experience!

Reviewed September 2016

I`ve never experienced more than in those three weeks. From unique landscapes to big cities, we could see everything. Sometimes we had long days of travel, sitting in the van for a long time, but I can`t complain on that, because I knew in advance what I am going to see. I really enjoyed being to all the great nationalparks as well as going out in the big cities ( Nashville, New Orleans...Jazz it up!!!) .
One of my most favorite things was the Amarillo STEAK-CHALLENGE, where our fabulous tour guide, Chadwick Kieser, managed to eat a 72oz steak!!! in less than an hour.

My tops are the tour through Monument Valley and the white water raft-
I would totally recommend doing the Southern Sun and I am sure that I`ll come back for another tour once....I am not done with exploring the US yet.

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from Los Angeles

Great Itinerary! .. however a few things let down the trip.

Reviewed July 2016

This is my second trip with Trek America. The itinerary was fantastic, we saw some amazing places and the rafting was awesome. It exceeded my expectations.

However ... we had a small group of 6, and found two individuals appetites were considerably larger than the rest. They ate everything. We got through several boxes of cereal bars, doughnuts, crisps, bananas ...etc. Only, I (and the others) only saw 5% of this food. You blink and you miss it. Also, in the first week these two individuals drank all the beer my tent buddy and I purchased, while we were asleep. They didn't replace it - so we decided not to buy any more for the rest of the trip as we weren't flushed with cash. We didn't make a huge fuss over it at the time, as it was the beginning of the trip and didn't want to create any awkwardness. However, it was clear we were confused about where our beer went and weren't overjoyed that it had suddenly vanished.

It would have been helpful for our tour leader to step in at some point, and try to even things out in terms of food and perhaps set ground rules for beers kept in the coolers. I appreciate it's a difficult situation to approach, but the tour leader seemed to turn a blind eye.

Ultimately, it left me feeling resentful that I paid a lot into the food kitty only to get a fraction of it back. I would have been better off paying for my own breakfasts, lunches and snacks. Dinners were less of an issue.

That being said, I maintain the fact that the actual trip provided an amazing experience. It's a shame about the gluttonous individuals within the group. The food-kitty situation makes me think twice about booking a 3rd trip.

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from Los Angeles

wild, fun, full, awesome, awesome, awesome

Reviewed November 2015

I did my last trekamerica trek, the southern sun, three years ago. I wanted my last one to be special, and fun enough so that I would never forget it, and I havnt. Kyle was an awesome trek leader, new, but full of energy. We only got lost once, but that wasnt her fault, and we did get to take in the scenery that is new Jersey because of it. Book it, go on it, have a blast like I did, like we all did on it. There was a good, varied group of us. Makes me wish I could be ten years younger and do another 18 to 38 age range one.

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from Los Angeles

Amazing time but a little disappointed also

Reviewed October 2015

Not long got back from doing the Southern Sun and it was an amazing experience really was met an amazing bunch of girls who we have promised to keep in touch with back home

Down side to this trip is its a lot of van life which is what's expected but our group started out as 10 and was left with 6 by the end of it ! As the group did not just get on at all but you can't get on with everyone

Our tour guide left us after two weeks the first one was amazing then we got one which was high on life and suger and I don't think I'd of last three weeks with them if it was our original tour guide

Some parts are a little unorganised but I sort of expected that and it is a lot of eat sleep set up camp go to bed get up take down camp but you get used to it our second your guide didn't fall us pack away at all !!so we struggled going on time

We some how spent the whole $2000 food kitty when we didn't do that many shops and eat our a few times and bought our own alcohol ! There wasn't even. $10 left which I don't believe cause most of our shops didn't come to much am still baffled !

All in all good trip but I wouldn't do another tour is rather do it on my own but it's good to get the jift to what to expect when travelling if you haven't done it before and find people who want to do the same places ECT

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from Los Angeles

The best trip of my life... Incredible..!!

Reviewed September 2015

This trek was just amazing. When I applied I was just so terrified but just so excited! I was only 18 at the time and this was the only thing I've done completely on my own but boy... What an incredible journey. This was the best choice I've ever made.. One day partying in Vegas and in the next I was up high in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon.. What stories I get to tell my children and grandchildren.. All I can say is do it! You have nothing to lose, you will have an incredible trek and a trip of a lifetime. Every penny you spend is worth it. So cheap when compare it to other places!

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from Los Angeles

Trip of a lifetime, amazing views, Forrest Gump everywhere!

Reviewed August 2015

If you like Forrest Gump then you will be in for a treat. Starting in Santa Monica with Bubba Gump shop on the pier, to his run down monument valley and finishing with his run in Washington across mirror lake.
If you don't think USA is beautiful then you are surely mistaken.
Fremont street in vegas was awesome and a great night out. The grand canyon hike - Bright Angel Trail was the hardest thing I have ever done. If you do this, make sure you go EARLY, 4-5am should suffice, take plenty of food and water (although there are places to refill water on the way) physically and mentally challenging but well worth it! Line dancing in Nashville was a MUST and who knew that Graceland would be so good - definitely recommend. Monument valley was a great picture opportunity!

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from Los Angeles

Fantastic for first-time travellers!

Reviewed May 2015

Having booked the trip impulsively on New Year's Eve, giving us only weeks to wait; we hadn't researched any of the places we were visiting , and had no idea of how much it included. To say it exceeded our expectations would be an understatement, but not necessarily in the way you would think, as places such as Memphis (the crown jewel in our trip for music and nightlife), Zion national park (which views could literally make you fall off the mountain) and the Ocoee River in Tennessee (where white water rafting is a must) are just 3 of the places that proved to be the dark horses of our trip.
This is not to say that the extravagant city of Vegas, the stunning beaches of LA, and the unique jazz vibes in New Orleans, weren't also huge highlights of our trip.
It didn't take long for us to feel part of our colossus family (van's nickname), and it was times like sitting around the campfire with beers and marshmallows, and having a game of cornhole, that really made us come together as a group.
If you have any doubts about camping, don't worry as Carli had fake tan and fake eyelashes and still managed to keep up with her beauty regime. We personally ended up preferring camping because of late night chats and laughs.
Our tour leader Jeremy instantly put us at ease when he walked through the door with his laid back attitude (and beard) and certainly went out of his way to ensure that we made the most of the trip. Trek America is honestly one of the best ways to see the highlights of every place. We booked a couple of extra days in LA to include a basketball game (recommend) and we finished our trip with a group meal at hooters in Times Square and an extra day in NYC. Trip of a lifetime! Wouldn't hesitate to go again.

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Southern Sun from Los Angeles


Reviewed April 2015

ONE WORD AMAZING. I travelled with 12 people, plus the tour leader (Jeremy who btw was awesome) we all met up at the custom hotel in LA on 18-03-2015 before we proceeded to go to Las Vegas!! We went on to visit the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, New Orleans, Memphis & Washington D.C just to name a few. I was travelling for around 7 weeks in total and these 3 weeks made my trip. Don't worry about the camping side of it, I had never camped before and it was fine we had a couple of hotel nights as well. At night we would all take it in turn to cook, wash up and van clean before sitting round the campfire having a few drinks and eating marshmallows - thats if we didn't go out. If your travelling alone it doesn't matter near enough everyone on our trek was solo travellers but you end up getting to know each other so well they become friends you will continue to stay in touch with. IF IN DOUBT JUST BOOK IT YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT BEST 21 DAYS/4800 MILES EVER!

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from Los Angeles

Unforgettable experience

Reviewed March 2015

Its been a long time since I went on this Trek but it is impossible to forget how amazing it was. Everything about it made it the trip of a lifetime and I am planning on booking another trek very soon. To anyone who is in two minds whether to book just do it! Southern Sun is a great mix of culture and adventure, covering a lot of America. I think its changed a bit since I went but that's the best thing about Trek America, no two tours are the same.

Past Trekkers Review
Southern Sun from Los Angeles

Best experience of my life...

Reviewed November 2014

On this trip I had the best time of my life, the people on my trip were lovely and our tour leader was awesome! We also met other tour leaders whilst camping and they were always super friendly and fun! Saw some amazing places, hiked up Angels Landing and the views were incredible, then flying over the Grand Canyon, sleeping under the stars at Monument Valley was probably one of the most amazing nights on the trip! Words can't describe how amazing all of this trip was!