Southern Sun from New York

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Southern Sun from New York

Amazing life experience and memories that will last forever

Reviewed July 2017

It was a great experience from start to finish was lucky enough to have travelled with a nice group of people that I'm now made life long friends with
You do have to make the most of your time seen as though 2 days is the most you have in one place but all in all would recommend it to anyone

Southern Sun from New York

Best time ever! What an adventure!

Reviewed April 2017

I loved the Southern Sun tour! It was one of the most popular treks for a reason! There is so much to do and see and somehow we managed to fit it all in in 3 weeks! Every place is amazing and everywhere and everything exceeded my expectations. I especially loved Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, Texas, Vegas and basically everywhere else too. I made some really amazing friends (who I am still in touch with now) and have so many fun and happy memories from this trip. I actually extended my trip as I did not want to go home, plus I have just booked another trek for this summer!
My trek leader Peter O'Donnell was brilliant and definitely made sure we all had an amazing experience, going out of his way for all of us!
Definitely recommend this trip to all!

Southern Sun from New York

Wouldn't change if for the world!

Reviewed January 2017

This trip was such an amazing experience and i would recommend for anyone and everyone to experience it, even if you are travelling by yourself!
The trip itinerary is amazing and you get to really experience so many states and different activities (white water rafting, monument valley, line dancing, hiking the grand canyon, swamp tours, philly cheese steaks, venice beach, lake powell etc). However, it could be tough at times with some looooong drives. Although, in order to see so many amazing sights it is neccessary and well worth it. All the van games we played helped us get through the long drives and brought the group closer!
This really was one of those 'life changing' experiences for me and my boyfriend. We made so many awesome memories and experienced so many amazing things that it is something we will remember forever! Not to mention, the life long friendships we forged on this trip with some amazing people!

Definately do this trip and make sure you camp! It makes the experience so much more special and unique!

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Southern Sun from New York

best 3 weeks

Reviewed August 2016

would definitely recommend this trip and trek america in general. everything we did was so much fun but i especially loved that we were camping. I've done a few different tours similar to trek America and that's what made trek stand out for me. other passengers on the tour were all there just there to have fun which is so good, you get so close to people after spending 3 weeks together. also our leader felt more like a friend than some guy in charge of us which was pretty cool. there was a lot of driving but i loved that side of it too, we played loads of car games, slept and blew up the aux. all the activities organised by the tour are great and optionals are also fun. only downside is i still have "post trek depression" over a month afterwards, everyday wish i was back in the US on the bus with everyone or putting up our tents or toasting marshmallows on a campfire! already planning next summers trek trip with a girl who i met on this years.

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Southern Sun from New York

Life changing experience

Reviewed August 2016

This trek was the most incredible experience of my life and I have absolutely no regrets! If your not sure about this trip please just do it! I met some friends for life, visited the most beautiful places, was surprised ALOT (mostly by Texas) now one of my favourite places ever (Austin I love you), I have grown as a person and had my eyes opened to a different world. This trip has everything you could ask for from white water rafting in Tennessee, partying in Vegas and relaxing on Venice beach. 11/10!

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Southern Sun from New York

Be careful who you meet!

Reviewed June 2016

Firstly you can see from the date that its been nearly 8 years since i did the Southern Sun from NYC to LA, but after recently following Trek America on Twitter a host of memories have come flooding back. If anyone is seriously thinking about seeing america in this way then do it you will have the time of your life and meet some amazing people, most people i am still in contact with, especially in contact with my Wife who i met on trek who we now have a 16 month old son. so yes be careful who you meet!
Only downside was our trek leader "Dave" whilst nice enough felt a bit forced that he was there and was going through routine, but maybe he just got annoyed at us wanting to party all the time!
Anyway do it do it do it. if i could go back 8 years and do it all again i would in a instance!

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Southern Sun from New York

Fabulous And ironic!

Reviewed May 2016

This trip is the best, especially after finishing summer camp last year in 2015 and after 4 months in the US ended my American adventure in LA and headed back to London! The trip was very organise and the places planned where to go! Had a fantastic leader and knowing the places very well and enjoyed camping setting up the tents and and had a good time with the camp fire and get to meet and know the other people in my trek trip! After my trek ended, I stayed in a youth hostel in Hollywood Walk of Fame and loved it just right in the centre of Hollywood! Don't miss this opportunity! Now I got plans to travel to Poland for two weeks as well stopping by in France and Gemerany this summer and hopefully I'll do the Northern Trail Package next year in Summer 2017!

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Southern Sun from New York


Reviewed March 2016

My first trip with Trek, and I was not disappointed. I was very lucky to have a great group and a great leader 'Ashley Ellis' Great trip, I would def recommend starting in NY and ending in LA as me personally felt the last few stops of the trip were the highlight 'save the best to last' It has so much to offer on a very good budget. Perfect trip for new travelers.

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Southern Sun from New York

The most amazing trip of my life

Reviewed March 2016

Im not sure that the southern sun can be beaten or made a better trip, Well there’s lots of different ways to see the states by plane, by train. Hell you could walk it if you wanted to but you might get sore feet… By far the best way to travel that I have discovered is by trek America, I’ve done two treks with them now and I absolutely love everything about them! I’ll give you a quick run down of how they work before I go into my latest trek.

You arrive at your starting point the night before the trek starts, choose the option to share a room with someone else on your trek, not only is it cheaper but you get the fun awkward moment when one of you is already in the room and the other walks in! I’m serious it’s actually hilarious and a great first way to meet someone, now sometimes you can sign up online and see who is going to be on your trek before you depart but personally I enjoy the not knowing part! Maybe even share a beer with your new room mate and trek buddy for the next however many days in the hotel bar that night. Now it’s onto the next morning where you get to meet the remaining 12 Trekkers and your amazing super awesome trek leader *note at this stage you do not know how freaking awesome they are and the many feats of wizardry they are capable of!

After short introductions and a little bit of paper work it’s outside you go where you get to lay your eyes upon your great chariot that is going to transport you and your new best friends across the vast expanse that is the USA. “Omg it’s tiny, no wait it’s actually massive! How freaking big is this van?!” Surprisingly the vans are actually rather comfortable and spacious, and yes the aircon works!

Now for me this is where I embarked on my 21 day journey from New York City to the beautiful Los Angeles. We set off from Newark and made our way to our first stop of Washington, D.C. Via Philadelphia first to get our hands on one of those well talked up Philly cheese steaks!

Once our stomachs were filled it was off to D.C. Once arriving at the camp grounds we promptly set up camp, teaching everyone how to pitch the extremely simple tents and going through what we would be doing that afternoon, which involved a quick swim in the campgrounds pool and some sneaky beers in the spa! Back to the campsite and our amazing trek leader Cara had whipped up a feast fit for kings. The next day it was into the heart of D.C for some exploring, a bike tour and the day ended with pizza under the Washington monument as the sun went down oh and did I mention Barack Obama flew over our heads in his helicopter! How freaking cool is that, the President of The United States was right above our heads!

The next day it was off to West Virginia where we would raft down through the new river gorge! A fun filled day that was! After that it was onto Nashville! Which might I add is now without a doubt one of my favourite cities in the states. Over our two days in Nashville we partied, we laughed, we listened to copious amounts of live country music, we drank and ate, we learnt how to line dance and we were even fortunate enough to see a NFL game! Oh and for some crazy reason i bought a pair of cowboy boots!

Onto Memphis and a tour of Graceland and the most damn fine bbq ribs I have ever had, Elvis used to get them shipped to his shows and boy if they offered international shipping I’d guarantee you I’d be taking them up on that offer!

New Orleans did not disappoint either the cultures and people that are brought together in that city is just amazing, the vibe you get from just being there truly is special, bourbon street is crazy just absolutely crazy there is no other way that I could possibly describe it. Everybody is having a good time and partying away, my suggestion find the bar that sells the ‘shark attack’ cocktail. You’ll see what i mean when you order one! Try some alligator whilst you’re in town as well, surprisingly enough it actually tastes like chicken hah!

After New Orleans we had a little stop over in a town i can’t quite remember the name but i do remember the dinner we got from the local take away, again the name escapes me but it was local, it was deep fried, there was also sausages and oh my was it amazing! Another great idea by our super trek leader! We also went to a small bar and line danced with a busload full of elderly people that didn’t speak a word of english. Im not sure what they were doing there but quite frankly i don’t think they knew why we were there either, but they did take the time to grab us by the arm and teach us how to dance.

Texas, I have no words for Texas, the people are lovely, the food is amazing, the drinks are cheap and the laughs are aplenty! First stop was Austin where we watched several thousand bats fly out from underneath a bridge, a crazy old guy with a bat hat try to get money off us and a great BBQ dinner yet again! Oh and did i mention the drinks are dirt cheap because its a uni town, wahoooo! The next day we toured the austin university campus and spent the morning in a natural spring which was very refreshing after the night we all just had ha! Again trek leader Cara coming through with the intel on that little local gem!

Back on the road to our next destination of Luckenbach, Texas. This small town and the people that we met just stole our hearts. They welcomed a bunch of foreigners into their town, shared with us their stories. Sang their hearts out when they didn’t have to, giving us our own little private country music gig. When it was time to go some great blokes were kind enough to give the 4 of us who remained a lift back to our campsite in the back of their pickup.

Next it was onto Amarillo where there was a massive storm in the night, a massive steak, a massive bull and a bunch of cadillacs rammed nose first into the ground many years ago that we had a go at spray painting out names on. Which i can guarantee you would be covered by many layers of paint now! Next we entered New Mexico and stayed a night in Santa Fe where just so happens there was a festival on and a massive street party with you guessed it live country music!

Monument valley, you’ve all seen the pictures but until you actually go there and experience the red sand beneath your feet you can just never really fathom the beauty of the place! A four wheel drive tour had us right in the heart of monument valley amongst the buttes and mesa’s with our navajo guide and his local knowledge made it all the more better, we got back to the campsite where some made their beds inside a ‘Hogon’ but for me it was a tarp on the ground, sleeping mat out and a night under the sky full of stars! We then were treated to some navajo cuisine and some stories about the navajo heritage and some old folklore about ‘skin walkers’.

The Grand Canyon, we were stopped in the carpark by our fearless leader Cara, she threw some blindfolds out us and one by one in what I’m sure would of looked hilarious a congo line of blindfolded people we were led down to the canyons edge for the big reveal! Photographs do not do the canyon justice the absolute immense size of the thing is just mental! I can safely say from the moment that blindfold came off i didn’t have words for a few moments! The next day it was our free day to explore the canyon before the big helicopter tour in the afternoon! I didn’t have to be at the helicopter until 3:30pm so myself and two others figured we would see how far into the canyon we could get. We took on the Bright Angel Trail the 10mile round journey took us about 6 Hours but we were motoring it! It was one of the hardest hikes i have ever done but it was most definitely one of the most rewarding! Complete with thunderstorm and hail on the way back up turning the canyon into a stunning waterfall! I did make it to the chopper and thankfully I did as the scenes that unfolded out the window of that helicopter was truly incredible!

The next day it was into Utah we went with an unscheduled stop at the famous Horseshoe Bend, thanks again super trek leader Cara for making the detour so that we could see this incredible location and personally one of my bucket list locations! After that it was onto the UTAH cowboy ranch where there was horses, steaks and dancing in the hall, the steak they cooked us for $20 was without a doubt the best one I had in the my whole 3 months in the united states and without a doubt I would head back there just for another one!

Zion national park, as an adventure photographer this national park was right up there on my list of must see places, its one of the main reasons I chose the southern Sun trek, the photographs I had seen from that place were breathtaking enough so I just had to get there and this year I did. We rolled into the canyon and we all could not believe the scenes outside the van windows, The colours in the rock as it changed in elevation and just the sheer size of the thing! The next morning we were up before sunrise to tackle ‘Angels Landing’ the 5 mile round trip hike that heads you up onto an outlook overlooking the whole canyon, this hike is definitely not for those with a fear of heights though as at times you are mere feet from over 1000ft of drop to the bottom of the canyon below, but with the risk comes the reward of the most breathtaking view I have ever seen and being up there for sunrise just made it all the more special!

Out of the beauty of Zion national Park and into the metropolis that is Las Vegas! Where we stayed in a hotel that had a shark tank in the pool which was complete with water slide through the centre! Now I could tell you everything that happened on our trip in vegas, but as the saying goes what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

A quick stop at a lookout overlooking LA and the hollywood sign and before I knew it was off and jetting away onto my next adventure!

I absolutely love travelling with trek america when I’m in america, with 14 of my newest best friends that i didn’t know a few weeks prior, just having good times and sharing experiences. having stories to tell for a lifetime and memories to show! Who knows where my next adventure will take me but heres to hoping its another epic adventure through the United states of America!

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Southern Sun from New York

Gibneys Group - Four Loco Lads ,Not You Yu , Some Ozzys , 2 Kiwis & a whole load of laughs

Reviewed October 2015

If your reading through these reviews trying to decide if it's worth the next few months of hard work, scrimping and saving, will I get on with everyone, will I enjoy myself, what if but why when where ......blah blah blah!! Just stop , direct yourself to the booking page and BOOK THIS TRIP!!!
Our group consisted of 6 girls and 8 lads ( including our trek leader). These wonderful lot are now my forever friends. First few days are always a bit quiet , but before you know it your out in Nashville, downing flaming tequilas , singing ( trying ) on stage at Wannabes feeling like a rock god!!
This trek is truly amazing and covers a variety of places, activities, locations. From Mountains to beaches to city's to little remote towns , you'll be dancing the night away one night to hiking mountains the next.
If you're lucky enough you will get Christian Gibney as your guide. He knew not only the best places, but all the little unknown places and things to do too.
Im now in Ausralia continuing my travels, but I'm seriously considering already going back and doing another tour with Trek America!!