Westerner 2

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Sim Sui
Westerner 2

Great time on the west side

Reviewed May 2017

This was the first time I visited the west coast of the US. The trip offers and amazing mix of country side and cities and you will see many highlights of this part of the country. My favorites were Yosemite National Park, the Grand Canyon and San Diego.

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Westerner 2

Sun, cities, campfires, a canyon, mountains and Mike Tyson

Reviewed October 2016

First time on west coast, even though it was my fifth trek. Can see why our tour leader labelled it “west coast best cost”. Difficult to choose just one highlight, yet again. LA and Hollywood even though it was quite dingy, it was difficult to get round without uber (Three trains to Hollywood) from our starting hotel. Hotel itself was great. Walking Griffin Park to the observatory to see the sign was great. Lake Havasu camping under the stars with an amazing view, Grand Canyon watching the sunset while eating pizza, hiking there was pretty epic to. Las Vegas was an interesting place; party bus was almost as much fun as wondering the strip and casinos and bumping into Mike Tyson. The Golden Nugget Hotel was nice and had a slide though a shark/fish take. Easily impressed. Great hikes and views in Yosemite fresh air, wildlife, and is completely different to any other places on trek and is the best way to come down / recover from Vegas. San Francisco was amazing wondering the pier, strolling across the golden gate bridge, visiting Alcatraz becoming a junior ranger. Playing old school arcade games in the museum. The cable cars and trams are defiantly worth riding for the tourist factor. Area around the hotel was a let down and could have done with a little more time to explore the city. Our tour leader Lizzy was awesome even with the sassiness and puns. Oh so many. Constantly went that extra mile to make sure we got the most out of the trip and saw everything we wanted to. Trek accommodation both camping and hotels was a great balance. All were clean and nice.

Can’t recommend this trek enough.
Book it.
Will not disappoint.

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Westerner 2

amazing such an eye opener

Reviewed September 2016

Im just back from doing the Western 2 my tour leader was Audrey Spikermann such a good tour leader! First of all this is an amazing trip and an excellent way to see the west coast! there was a total of 13 in my group 7 girls and 6 guys! one couple to throw into the mix! everybody in the group was quite friendly and good fun which is needed as you literally spend 24/7 with these peeps over the 2 weeks! the age group was from 19-30 quite varied! so as you all know underage drinking in USA at 21 is the legal age limit so I would recommend to wait until this age to this trip to thoroughly enjoy been able to drink party in Vegas! I am definitely going to do a solo travel again like trek America as it really is a great way to meet people ! I have went on lots of holidays and I can say I never ever thought of home on this one as your not reminded of it as you are travelling on your own! so go solo it a great experience! Yosemite blew my socks off never been somewhere as nice! the hikes in gran canyon and Yosemite best I have Ever done! the helicopter over gran canyon AMAZING DO IT!
I Cant believe its all over and will definitely be keeping contact with a few of the cast members of western 2 ! PS I got married in Vegas!!! DO IT!!! :)

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Westerner 2

Best experience of my life, never wanted it to end.

Reviewed September 2016

This trek was absolutely amazing! We got
Lucky that we had such a great group of people, we all got on together and I now have friends for life.
Out tour guide Craig was outstanding and definitely went out of his way to make this experience special for everyone, as in he accommodated different activities by giving tips/ advice etc.
It was the best 2 weeks of my life and has made Me want to keep on travelling.
Would highly recommend. Food was excellent, transport and the tents we slept in were so clean. Couldn't ask for anything else.

Everywhere we went there was a new high, LA was meeting everyone, San Diego was the comedy piano bar, Lake Havasu was camping under the stars, Grand Canyon was watching the sunset while eating pizza, Las Vegas was the Calvin Harris pool party, Yosemite was the most amazing hikes and climbing the rocks and the smell, it smelled so good, San Francisco was the whole city and alcatraz and Santa Barbara was the views! So much love and appreciation for this whole experience. ❤️

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Westerner 2

Trip of my life

Reviewed August 2016

From the beginning on I knew we would have a great time together! Our leader Dano was from the area and knew where to go to get a full experience in the cities.

We chilled on sunny beaches, slept under the stars, swam the Colorado river, hiked the Grand Canyon and Yosemite, partied in Vegas and San Francisco. I could go on for hours telling what we did. It was amazing!

In San Francisco we got a tour by Urban Adventures, which was very well organized and the guide was a helpful and clear guy that showed us around chinatown, little italy and the nort beach area.

The group was great, we got to know each other very fast and forged some friendships for the rest of our lives!

Despite not being able Death Valley due to extreme heath, I still think I've visited all the highlights on the West Coast.

Certainly looking forward to booking my next trek!

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Westerner 2

Incredible experience!

Reviewed August 2016

This was my first ever Trek and travelling holiday I've ever done and I loved every single minute of it! We had an amazing tour leader, Sarah Kilbourne, who constantly went that extra mile to make sure we got the most out of the trip and saw everything we wanted to. At first I was unsure whether to book the Trek or wait until I was 21, however, being under 21 did not effect how much I enjoyed the trip at all, there were 3 under 21's in my group and we still had an amazing time, even in Vegas! There were certain things on the itinerary that I didn't think I would be that fussed about, but every single thing exeeded my expectations and I saw and experienced much more than I ever thought I would. By travelling with Trek America you get to see so much more than what you would if you travelled alone, even on long drive days, you stop off in so many amazing places that you wouldn't even know existed. I went as a single traveller but as soon as you get there and meet everyone you no longer feel like your travelling alone, after a day you feel like you've know eachother forever. Travelling with people you have only just met makes the experience 10 times better. I could go on and on but I can't put into words just how good it was! I've been home 4 days and already picked my next Trek.

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Westerner 2


Reviewed July 2016

The entire trip was an amazing adventure! Everything from making smore's around the campfire to hiking the Grand Canyon, everything was very well planned, and our tour guide made sure everyone was having a blast! I am so glad that I decided to do this trip, and it was much better and I could ever have imagined :-) We were nine people on my trip from all over the world, and everyone was so nice and made the trip even better!!

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Westerner 2

Good banter good friends

Reviewed March 2016

As this was my third trek with trek America I knew it would be my last as I've seen and done everything in America that I've wanted, and what a great way to end my time with trek America with! I always say west coast is best coast, if you are booking your first trek with these guys id recommend this one as its short and sweet!! I've had some of the best times of my life with Trek America! You won't regret it!

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Westerner 2

Sunshine, beaches, mountains and cities. Great all-round trip.

Reviewed September 2015

This was my second trip with Trek America, and I picked a great one.

This trip covers all ground really.

You see some lovely beaches in San Diego at the start of the trip. This is pretty much the only beach-time you'll get, so make the most of it!
After the beaches, there's plenty of Hiking around the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park. Bring some comfy hiking boots, trail runners or at least trainers with good grip.

This Trek is aimed more on the Active/Hiking side, so there's not loads of time to chill around a pool or beach, there's plenty of walking, hiking and sight-seeing. This trip offers some of the best landscapes and scenery that you could ever want to see.

Vegas is great fun, the Hotel is the Golden Nugget which is on Fremont Street ($20-$25 taxi ride to the strip each way). They host a decent pool party and there's plenty of good gambling spots on Fremont Street. You'll find plenty of $5 Blackjack Tables in Fremont but you'll be hard pressed to find that on the Strip where the limits start at $10-$15.

The whole trip was good fun, we had a great group and awesome Tour Leader - Michelle.

The only main disappointment for me was the San Francisco accommodation and lack of time to explore.
The hotel itself was fine, but the area is called 'The Tenderloin' which is pretty grim. There's little chance you'll want to go out on foot and explore the area due to the crime and the fact that there's nothing to see around the Hotel.
Also, I'd personally advise skipping the China Town tour as it runs for 2-3 hours right in the middle of your free day. I'd suggest getting on the 'Big Bus' tour early in the morning and hopping on-off wherever you like. You can see China Town for yourself, you won't be missing much except for some tea-tasting!
So that's my only gripe with the Westerner 2 - Lack of time in San Francisco and nothing to do in or around the Hotel.
Don't let that put you off though, San Francisco is an amazing place, I only wish I'd not done the included China Town tour and used the whole day to see much more of the City.

With regards to the camping. The campsites are fine, all of the campsites are hard floor/gravel/dirt so it's fairly uncomfortable. I'd suggest bringing a good/thick sleeping mat (if you're worried about being uncomfortable) as the ones provided are pretty weak!
The campsites are good though, a couple of them have a pool or sauna.

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Westerner 2

Great experience, the best 2 weeks ever!

Reviewed August 2015

Has an amazing 2 weeks travelling around the west coast of America. Met some great people and visited amazing places. I cant even pick out my favourite part, however highlights include sleeping under the stars in Lake Havasu, the party bus in Las Vegas and San Francisco in general. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone - you will not regret it!!