Western Wonder from Los Angeles

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Western Wonder from Los Angeles

Amazing tour with amazing people!

Reviewed March 2017

Got to see some amazing places, our tour guide was the best, made some great friends and memories! Honestly we all loved this tour!

-Got to Fly over the Grand Canyon.
-Went Skinny Dipping
-Experienced Vegas (Unlimited: buffets, nightlife and excitement)
-Fired a SMG and Sniper Rifle
-Trekked in Yosemite
-Visited Route 66
-Crossed the Golden Gate Bridge

San Fransisco is one of my favourite cities I've visited, would recommend.

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Western Wonder from Los Angeles

A non-stop whirlwind! I loved it!

Reviewed August 2016

We had 11 in our group and possibly one of the best tour leaders there is! (a nod to you Seth!) I came alone and was with a mixed group of single travelers and people who came together. We all got on really well, it helps that we were all pretty chilled out and relaxed - we did things as a group or we were happy to do our own thing alone too.

This is a busy little trip - expect to be spending a few hours a day in the van (bonding and sleeping time), late nights and very early mornings to make the most of everywhere you go. My fave bits were hiking in Yosemite, helicopter in the Grand Canyon and shooting in Las Vegas. There is so much to see in a short space of time, but it is the best holiday I've had so far. You won't need much money in the National Parks, but can rinse through it in the Cities! We had a virtually free night out at Mandalay Bay Light Club thanks to the included party bus and Seth getting us onto the guest list with free drinks.... awesome night!
Have a plan for what you want to do on your free day in Vegas so you don't end up wasting it - I went shooting and toured the strip. Go with an open mind, relax, take it all in and you will definitely get along with everyone. We spent our first night sleeping under the stars (too hot to get in the tents!) next to the Colorado river at Lake Havasu.

Only downsides were - you do not see much of the beginning and end cities at all so be sure to arrive a day or two early and leave a day or two after the Trek (some good hostels at Venice Beach and in San Fran.) I regret hardly seeing anything of San Fran as I left the day after the Trek ended.

Overall, definitely glad I decided to book thi trip. I will be booking another Trek for next year, heading back to see more National Parks and getting a real look at San Francisco.
So worth it and I get wanderlust every time I look at the photos I took!

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Western Wonder from Los Angeles

Fantastic end to Summer 2014!

Reviewed March 2016

From partying in Vegas to enjoying the serenity and natural beauty of Yosemite national park, this trek provided an amazing and intense opportunity to see and experience some fantastic sights of western America!

A particular highlight was our group's first night, getting to know everyone while swimming in the Colorado river and sleeping under the stars!

Our tour leader, Ashley, did an amazing job and was really knowledgeable about all the parks and cities we visited and definitely went the extra mile to make this trek special!

Definitely would recommend if you only have a short time for trek. :)

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Western Wonder from Los Angeles

As far away from a Club 18-30 as you can get!

Reviewed December 2015

There’s something rather special about waking up beside the Colorado River. The clear moonlit sky reflects seamlessly against the water and just for a moment you think you’re dreaming.

In that moment you grab your phone and start snapping. Desperately trying to capture it, to post it, to share it.

Then you realise. There’s a 11 other people doing exactly the same.

This was my first time with Trek America - it won’t be my last.

Despite not being on a gap year or even the same age as many of my group - sharing those moments was just breathtaking.

It was a holiday. It was an experience. But more than that, it was a privilege.

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Western Wonder from Los Angeles

Fun. Organized. Good people.

Reviewed August 2015

Had a great week on the western wonder trip! Great people, super tripleader. Camping was a lot more fun then I imagined :) got to see a lot, and didnt have to worry about anything!

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Western Wonder from Los Angeles

Diverse and amazing journey!

Reviewed October 2014

What a great experience, especially for someone like me visiting the USA for the first time. You get to see some incredible natural sites as well as visiting some great cities.

You pack so much into the 7 days and I'd definitely recommend it over driving yourself about. The tour leader was very knowledgeable and took us places you'd never think of going yourself, as well as taking all the stress out of the trip!

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Western Wonder from Los Angeles


Reviewed June 2014

Awesome! Melissa is the best trip leader ever!

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Western Wonder from Los Angeles

Great experience! I've discovered an unforgettable America in this trip

Reviewed May 2014

I've booked this trip by myself and I though that I would be travelling alone. However, I've met many people in Trek America's group and they've helped me to enjoy even more each one of the experiences in this trip. I've really liked my trip since we were a group with many different people from different countries, each one of them with different experiences. Then, we've visited many places in the West USA which I couldn't imagine how amazing they are! I can say I've met a different America in this trip, and I wish I'll be back there in the future.

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Western Wonder from Los Angeles

Great trip full of wonderful sights

Reviewed May 2014

The Trek covered a lot of miles in a very short distance but wow was it worth it. The places you go are all fantastic for different reasons and you can have a lot of fun whilst you are travelling.

If you are doing the week tour i think you need to be prepared to really through yourself into getting along with everyone that you are with as you aren't together long before you start sharing these stunning views with your trek buddies and the sooner you throw yourself in the quicker you realise the experiences mean a lot more when they are shared.

Our tour leader, Crystal, did a great job with answering the questions that i asked and was very friendly and tried to make the group bond as quickly as possible also.

Great tour of the southwest with a lot to see and do which will make you want to go back for more.

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Western Wonder from Los Angeles

Short but intense!

Reviewed May 2014

Ben our guide was very nice, always cheerful and he is very good for the organization!!! We went to many wonderful places it was really great. Thank you for the trip :)