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Our All-American Tour Leaders really make our trips what they are. We asked three to tell us why they love it, what makes them tick and the weirdest things they've encountered on tour. Here's Russell's story...

  • I am rolling through my second year of living the dream as a TrekAmerica tour leader and life continues to be great. Before Trek I was foolishly pursuing a business career, but after my best friend hired on as a tour leader and sent me pictures from his first trek around the Southwest, I immediately called him and told him to sign me up.

    I absolutely love the life of a tour leader, for so many reasons, big and small. The open road and endless horizon every day, the escape from the world to the wild, and all the random personalities you encounter and friends you make along the way. I love seeing America through the eyes of my passengers, constantly reaffirming just how awesome and incredible this country really is. Not only because of the stunning landscapes and scenic beauty, but also because of the American people themselves.

    From the small dusty towns to the big cities, my passengers are always commenting on how great and friendly the American people are. We love life and we're not afraid to show it. And in your attempt to show your passengers the best days of their lives, you can't help but look back on the summer and see that those days spent and shared on the road with all the crazy young travelers who have now become life-long friends, all the adventures and miles and nights and mountains and deserts and oceans and bright city lights and star filled skies, the endless road stretched out before you leading to the next great unknown adventure, well, those just might be the best days of your life as well.
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