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A TrekAmerica trip is not just any holiday, it really is the adventure of a lifetime, and for some of our Trekkers their trip actually changed their lives, leading to weddings, babies and a happily ever after!

We've played matchmaker to lots of couples over the past 40 years, and we've caught up with a few Trekkers to find out their stories.

We're sure there are lots more of you out there with your own stories about how Trek changed your life. Send them to comments@trekamerica.co.uk for a chance to be featured here.

  • We are just approaching our first anniversary and both look back on the Grand Trek as the best time of our lives with the best outcome possible!

    We started to fall for each other after staying out all night together in the casinos of Reno. We were inseparable from that moment - walking across the Golden Gate bridge together, watching the blues in New Orleans and feeding alligators in Alabama. By the time reached New York we weren't willing to say goodbye and the very next week she came round my house in England to meet my entire extended family.

    Three years later we welcomed the guests to our wedding with American themed songs, sat down at American table names and had our first dance to Jackson by Johnny Cash and June Carter (the wrong Jackson I know, but we both loved Jackson, Wyoming so much!).

    Trek America changed both our lives and we are looking forward to one day returning - but perhaps on one of the family treks! ;)

    Steve & Emma Chapman
Emma and Steve - LA


Emma and Steve - Wedding


Emma and Steve - Wedding


Emma and Steve


Emma and Steve - Do not sit or stand on wall


Emma and Steve - Wedding table


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