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Our All-American Tour Leaders really make our trips what they are. We asked three to tell us why they love it, what makes them tick and the weirdest things they've encountered on tour. Here's Charles' story...

  • I consider myself lucky to have a summer birthday. Poolside BBQs, summer holidays and beach vacations were how I grew up celebrating. Only now, as a tour leader, I work throughout the summer and haven't had a day off for my birthday in years! Am I disgruntled and complaining? Not in the least. I turned 24 on my TrekAmerica training trip at Betty and Rusty's cowboy camp and was hooked. There's no more American place I can think of to celebrate under the stars. Betty offered double cake but, being gluten-free, I opted for double steak instead... mmm, yum!

    A couple years later I rolled into Vegas with a group containing a passenger who shared my birthday, what are the chances? Party limo... ckeck. VIP club entry with reserved birthday space... check. Scantily clad late-night, table-top dancing... ch... wait, 'What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas'!

    Last year my group and I grilled 9 massive fillets of fresh, local salmon on the shores of Kenai Fjord NP in Seward, Alaska and this year we hiked Badlands NP, visited Mt Rushmore and threw an outrageous 'Bright, Tight and Neon' themed birthday bash!

    Do I have any schedule requests for next year's season? Yeah, keep me working on my birthday!
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