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A TrekAmerica trip is not just any holiday, it really is the adventure of a lifetime, and for some of our Trekkers their trip actually changed their lives, leading to weddings, babies and a happily ever after!

We've played matchmaker to lots of couples over the past 40 years, and we've caught up with a few Trekkers to find out their stories.

We're sure there are lots more of you out there with your own stories about how Trek changed your life. Send them to for a chance to be featured here.

  • Me and Johnny were lone travellers like the majority of our group. We first met on the Trek America forum in March 2009 to introduce ourselves to each other along with a few others.

    Our trek (Trailblazer from NY) started on 3rd April 2009 and although it wasn't love at first sight we started to get to know each other. After a drunken kiss in New Orleans a few weeks later we became inseparable.

    We became very close very quickly and both came to realise that we had something very special between us, the trouble was we lived over 300 miles away from each other back home in England.

    After Trek Johnny went off to travel around Australia and I travelled around Alaska, needless to say we missed each other like crazy. As he had quit his job before Trek we had made the decision for him to move down to East Sussex where we now live.

    We continued our travels and went to Asia in November 2010. While we were in Phuket and after gaining permission from my mum Johnny got down on one knee and proposed, of course I was absolutely over the moon and said yes.

    We got married in Malta on 5th June 2012 and came home to celebrate our marriage with a huge party with the rest of our Trek friends that we met in 2009. We are both still very good friends with them all and little did anyone know that April 3rd 2009 would set the path for an amazing Trek wedding.

    Deciding to book with TrekAmerica was the best decision both of us ever made. Many things (not so positive) led us to look on the website and book our places. Both of us not knowing each other before just wanted to have the time of our lives, finding each other and saying we are soul mates never crossed our minds.

    Becky & Johnny Matthews
Becky and Johnny in Jazz bar in Chicago Becky and Johnny's wedding day Becky and Johnny's wedding Becky and Johnny in NYC

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