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In our lifetime, we have operated hundreds of different trips across the whole of North America. Some were a little too "crazy" (even for us!), and our range of treks has evolved over the years with numerous tweaks to itineraries driven by customer feedback and demand.

Over the past 40 years, certain trips have risen head and shoulders above the rest. These trips are still operating today and prove to be as popular as ever. So here it is, our definitive list of Top 10 Treks of all-time!

  • SOUTHERN SUN (launched 1972)

    21 days from LOS ANGELES

    Mar-Oct from

    Cross Country - Camping

    This one's topped our charts for over 30 years, thanks to its blend of Eastern energy and slow-paced Deep South charm mingled with mountains, canyons and deserts, before signing off on an East Coast high. Yes sir, this is one varied snapshot of the States.

    Highlights: Our Most Popular Trek | Great Mix of Everything

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  • TRAILBLAZER (launched 1978)

    64 days from LOS ANGELES

    Mar-Aug from

    Cross Country - Camping

    So how about more than two months dedicated to all things Stateside? We've combined our Coast to Coast North and South Treks to create one vast circuit that takes in the best of the US. Seriously, if you want full throttle adventure, this is the big one!

    Highlights: The Mother of all Road Trips | 33 States

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  • WESTERNER 3 (launched 1980)

    21 days from LOS ANGELES

    Apr-Oct from

    USA West - Camping

    Four states in three weeks makes for one heck of a road trip. Taste the laidback West coast vibe, and the outrageous glitz of Tinseltown and Vegas. Explore wide open plains where cowboys and Indians once hung out and discover pure 100% Southwest USA.

    Highlights: Cities | Beaches | Mountains | Deserts | Canyons

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  • ATLANTIC DREAM (launched 1988)

    14 days from NEW YORK AREA

    May-Sep from

    USA East - Camping

    Cram a huge helping of the East into two fantastic weeks, with vibrant cities, white-knuckle theme park rides and white sandy beaches. Add Washington's impressive Monuments and Miami's salsa beats and the sights and sounds are near endless.

    Highlights: Appalachians | Deep South | Florida Beaches

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  • WESTERNER 2 (launched 1988)

    14 days from LOS ANGELES

    Apr-Oct from

    Cross Country - Camping

    Mix it up with one potent California, Nevada and Arizona cocktail. The Pacific Coast sets an ultra mellow tone while a blend of adrenaline-fuelled cities adds real zest to the mix. Serve on the rocks; none beat those around the Sierra Nevada and Grand Canyon.

    Highlights: An All Time Favourite | The Best of the West

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  • MOUNTIE (launched 1990)

    14 days from SEATTLE

    May-Sep from

    Canada - Camping

    The Rockies line up a supreme vision of the wild. Hiking is top-drawer and mountain bikers will be on cloud nine. Add in the wildlife, horseback riding, whitewater rafting and an overnight canoe trip and you won't find two more exhilarating weeks.

    Highlights: Spectacular Canadian Rockies | 2 Day Canoe Trip

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  • ALASKAN WONDER (launched 1992)

    14 days from ANCHORAGE

    Jun-Aug from

    Alaska - Camping

    Amazement and your thrill-seeking compadres make great travel buddies on this tour. In the land of the midnight sun mountains soar, rivers churn and glaciers gleam electric blue. Glassy lakes and fragrant pine play their part too. The result is, well, wonderful.

    Highlights: Denali | Kenai Peninsula | Wilderness Camp

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  • Jan-Dec from

    Mexico - Camping

    Explore ancient Mayan ruins, snorkel along pristine Caribbean beaches and hike to lush jungle waterfalls on this fully accommodated adventure throughout Mexico's amazing Yucatan Peninsula. The perfect balance of adventure and Mexican culture.

    Highlights: Mayan Ruins | Jungles | Caribbean beaches

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    20 days from SAN JOSE

    Mar-Oct from

    Costa Rica - Camping

    This ultimate three week adventure through Costa Rica and Panama explores some of the best National Parks in all of Central America. With unique campsites and local lodges; hike, kayak, horse ride and enjoy relaxing beach time on this trip of a lifetime!

    Highlights: Monteverde | Arenal | Corcovado

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  • CROSS COUNTRY BLT (launched 2007)

    21 days from NEW YORK AREA

    Jan-Dec from

    Cross Country - Lodging

    Travel right across the continent, from the most populated US city to the runner-up - that's NY to LA in other words. If you're just not a camping sort of person, there's no finer way to roll on through a kaleidoscope of deserts, mountains, cities and canyons. Magic!

    Highlights: Southern US Road Trip | City Thrills | Small Towns

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