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Featuring TrekAmerica's full range of 18-38s tours to USA, Canada, Alaska & Latin America, our 2013 brochure is now available to order. Also, why not take a look back in history and download some of older editions (we accept no responsibility for the 70's photos!!).

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    Over 50 incredible tours to choose from throughout the USA, Canada, Alaska and Latin America.

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  • TrekAmerica 1977 Brochure

    The oldest copy we could get our hands on! This is pure TrekAmerica old skool and a must read for any die hard Trekkers out there. Only 5 tours on offer but pure 70's Americana.

    > Download 1977 brochure pdf (1.5 MB)
  • TrekAmerica 1983 Brochure

    As we move into the 80's, style and fashion changes as well as the range of tours. Now 14 tours on offer including the 9 week Trailblazer. Check out our old shop front on page 31.

    > Download 1983 brochure pdf (5.8 MB)
  • TrekAmerica 1991 Brochure

    Here comes the 90's and a massively expanded brochure with 27 trips. It's looking more like a travel brochure should and many of these trips are still available today.

    > Download 1991 brochure pdf (6.8 MB)
  • TrekAmerica 2002 Brochure

    Straight into the noughties with probably one of our most bizarre cover ever! This brochure is one of our favourites though with 76 bumper pages of everything Trek.

    > Download 2002 brochure pdf (15 MB)

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