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Published on 2012-03-25 (25 March 2012)

  • Las Vegas is a lot more than Casinomania, it's an ever changing fantasy-land of a city, which has seen unbelievable expansion since it emerged from the desert just over 100 years ago...

    Las Vegas Stretch Limo Tour Enjoyed by over 39.2 million visitors every year, it's no longer populated by blue-rinsed ladies and pinkie ringed gentlemen who answer to "Vito", Las Vegas has fashioned itself into an all-round tourist destination that will dazzle you with the sheer number of things to see and do.

    Cruise Las Vegas Boulevard in a super stretch limo, shoot an M16 or find yourself in the hot seat of a real live race car, before taking an exhilarating night time chopper flight over the strip, soaking up the magnificent spectacle of Vegas from the air.

    Hidden for centuries from all but Native Americans, the Las Vegas Valley oasis was protected from discovery by the surrounding harsh and unforgiving Mojave Desert. Mexican trader Antonio Armijo, leading a 60-man party along the Spanish Trail to Los Angeles in 1829, veered from the accepted route and while Armijo's caravan was camped on Christmas Day about 100 miles northeast of present day Las Vegas, a scouting party rode west in search of water. An experienced young Mexican scout, Rafael Rivera, left the main party and ventured into the unexplored desert. Within two weeks, he discovered Las Vegas Springs.

    The success of the first big casino, the El Rancho, triggered a small building boom in the late 1940s including construction of several hotel-casinos fronting a two lane highway leading into Las Vegas from Los Angeles. This stretch of road evolved into today's Las Vegas Strip, with early hotels including the Last Frontier, Thunderbird and Club Bingo, but by far the most celebrated of these early resorts was the Flamingo, built by mobster Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, a member of the Meyer Lansky crime organization.

    Bellagio Fountains Just taking a stroll down 'The Strip' offers more than enough entertainment for one day. Night time is the most comfortable time of day to be outdoors in the Las Vegas heat zone, so take your stroll under the stars and bask in the glow. A few choice stops include the spectacular fountain display at the Bellagio, the Mirage for its signature erupting volcano, and Treasure Island for its epic pirate battle, it's a helluva fight.

    And why do the words "only in Las Vegas" come to mind when I think of the newest addition to the Las Vegas Strip, the Stratosphere Tower? I'll tell you why. This is the tallest free-standing observation tower in the U.S.A and the view from the top is awesome, and as if that wasn't enough they went ahead and added on the world's highest rollercoaster ride from the top. If you survive all of this, there's also a bar and restaurant at the top where you can order yourself a stiff drink.

    Follow in the footsteps of the Oceans Eleven crew and lay it all on black in the Bellagio, Mirage or MGM Grand and walk away a winner every time.

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