Pre and Post Tour Hotels

TrekAmerica tours begin and end at designated hotels in our gateway cities (the major cities where our trips start and finish).

Our tours usually depart around 7.30am and finish around 5pm, so it's a great idea to book a room at these hotels before and after your trip. Waking up, having a coffee before meeting your group in the hotel lobby is definitely preferential to battling through the morning rush hour! Likewise, it makes sense to book a room where the tour finishes, giving you time to relax before heading home. We'd recommend staying a couple of nights at either end if you have the time, giving you a full day to explore or join one of our city sightseeing tours (selected cities only).

Our hotels make excellent bases to explore, as well as being right at your Trek departure point. The hotels we have chosen are designed to be clean, comfortable, safe and inexpensive. We have negotiated an allocation of rooms in all these hotels and if booking five weeks before departure we can guarantee a bed for you. Within five weeks we need 24 hours notice to ensure your bed is available for you.

Look for the 'Tour Extras' tab on the individual tour pages for specific pre and post tour hotel information, including the latest room rates, or call our team to book.

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Room rates are usually based on a bed in a twin share room as most people prefer to stay with another traveller at an affordable price - it's also a great opportunity to make friends. You can also purchase a full room, either to share with someone else you are booking with or to have a room to yourself.

If you require hotel accommodation for before or after your trip you must book in advance. You can book nights at our pre and post tour hotels either online at time of booking your tour or by calling our Sales team.

Joining your tour
  • You will need to make your own way to and from the pre and post tour hotels. The hotel names are listed on all the individual tour pages under the 'Tour Extras' tab, and you will find full details of the hotels, including the address and how to transfer from the airport, in our pre departure 'Trek Tips' document. The Trek Tips will be sent to you with your booking confirmation email and the hotel information will also be detailed in your tour vouchers. You will receive your tour voucher when you have paid you final balance and approximately six weeks before travel, please check these carefully.
  • Before meeting your leader in the hotel lobby at 7.30am you will need to make sure you have packed your bags, eaten breakfast and checked out of your room. You will spend a few minutes filling out paperwork and meeting your fellow Trekkers before departing the hotel. On Mexico tours, the group will often have breakfast after 7.30am once the group have met.
  • Most Treks end between 5pm to 6pm on the final day. Some tour activities scheduled for the last day may preclude an earlier arrival at the ending hotel, so you should not book a departure flight that leaves prior to 9pm. You will be responsible for any transport costs if you have to arrive for an earlier flight.
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