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Hawaii Big Island

Never wanted to leave!

Reviewed June 2017

From the day we started we saw the most amazing parts of Big Island. Don, our leader, was fantastic telling us to embrace the 'aloha' lifestyle, life goes so much more slowly there. So many highlights but for a coffee lover the coffee farm was amazing, some of the best stuff you'll ever taste. The beaches are second to none, the secret one a walk from Spencer beach was by far the most beautiful, especially at sunset! Our guide catered to everyone's need, stopping for extra one off must sees, to ensuring someone who stood on a sea urchin was well looked after. You'll get to see so much, from the volcano trek (we actually got to see the lava flow) to beach days, to sea turtles, to the botanical gardens, to being caught in a rain storm whilst walking in flip flops through mud, it's all worth it!! The helicopter ride was out of this world, seeing untouched areas on the island...for a first time trekker I got the bug there and then and knew I'd be back for more!!

Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Mini (Camping)

Awesome for a 4days trip!

Reviewed June 2017

For me it was an amazing experience. It was my first trekamerica tour and i felt the whole time safe and well informed about the trip and the schedule. I´m a single traveller and I highly recommend this trip. I made friends all over the world, young and older generation. Also we had a really nice and comfortable tourbus. The equipement for camping was really good. Everyone had enough food. I also really enjoyed to be in a group and not alone. Also we had a strict schedule, but what we saw in 4 days is amazing! We had eniugh time to go on hikes and explore the area.
Thanks from germany!

Mexican BLT

Mexico is cheaper than I expected

Reviewed June 2017

I am writing this review whilst everything is still fresh in my mind. I visited on the May 2017 tour. It really was a fantastic experience with such a great group of people from all over the world.

The first thing I would like to say about this trip is how good our tour guide Dalai was. Dalai was very helpful and really looked after the group for the duration of the trip. Mexico is a wonderful country and I would strongly recommend to anyone interested that they should book! The tour had a great combination of historical sites, jungles, cenotes & beaches. I was even surprised by how cheap everything was in Mexico. At one stage I paid 30 pesos for a litre of Sol beer, which equated to approx £1.20 (UK)! Naturally, Cancun is a bit more expensive though, and many places will charge you more if you try and pay in US dollars so better off paying in pesos.

We traveled around Mexico in a private van which was comfortable and plenty of rooms for bags etc. However, we were not at full capacity (we had 9 plus tour guide) so perhaps a full van would have provided a few more spacial issues. There is a significant amount of driving in this trip, particularly as you head to and from Palenque so make sure you prepare some good playlists for the ride. The air con worked brilliantly which was a relief as it was baking outside!

The hotels were basic and in some places the air con and WiFi did not work. Limited WiFi was more of an issue for contacting home to update families etc. We also appeared to be double booked in one place but Dalai resolved that issue in no time at all. Generally the location of the hotels was very good in relation to where we were travelling to do the activities. It was a little disappointing that breakfast was not included with the rooms. On the website it suggests all meals are paid locally but on the Trek Tips they send you it clearly states breakfast is included in Mexico, hence that provided a little confusion among the group.

On to the destinations! Our first stop was Chichen Itza (one of the famous Mayan pyramids). As you can only see them from the outside you do not need to spend hours there. We ventured to a nearby cenote which was a welcome way to cool down after the walking. We continued on to Merida for our first night of the tour. Merida gave us a nice welcome to Mexican culture as there were many street vendors selling local food & gifts. The second night was spent at Campeche. This was a lovely place with the highlight being a visit to the sea front to watch the sun set. Nights 3 & 4 were spent in the jungle at Palenque. During the days we visited jungle ruins in search of wildlife and spent the evenings touring the nearby town and the local bar to our hotel. The bar had a live band, served great food, had cheap drinks and was was literally a 2-minute drive from our hotel. I would recommend visiting Misol Ha waterfall. We chose this and it was a great way to relax after hiking in the jungle.

After Palenque the tour took a different format. Up until this point we had visited mostly Mayan historical sites but the focus switches more to beaches etc for the remainder of the tour which was a nice change for our group. We traveled on to Bacalar, which for me was the highlight of the tour, to see the lagoon of seven colours. A boat trip of the lagoon was included in the tour and this was the best way to experience its natural beauty. Several stops were allowed for us to cool off in the water and take some selfies. After Bacalar we headed to the quieter beach town of Mahahaul where we spent two nights. We were lucky as there was a music festival happening whilst we were there. Personally, I felt that we didn't need two nights in Mahahual as there wasn't that much to do in the evening. I think Trek America's description of 'many bars and beach clubs' was a bit of a stretch but perhaps the music festival drew the people away from the bars. Our final full day on tour was packed full of visits including Tulum, nearby Casa Cenote before heading to Playa Del Carmen. I would say Casa Cenote is worth a visit as the water is so clear you can see right down to the bed. We even got close enough to swim with a resident crocodile! The last night on tour was in Playa Del Carmen, which has miles and miles of beautiful beaches, 5th avenue (great for shopaholics) and a buzzing night life. If I could have made one change to the itinerary I would have spent a second night in Playa Del Carmen rather than Mahahaul as there is so much more to do there. The last day was spent relaxing at Playa beach before heading back to Cancun to finish.

All in all I would definitely recommend this tour as my overall experience was excellent. Just make sure you book some extra nights either before or after your tour to take in Cancun. The beaches at the Hotel Zone and Isla Mujeres are just some of the many things you can do there...

Northern Trail from Los Angeles

Incredible Adventure I'll never forget

Reviewed May 2017

It has been a few weeks since I arrived home from my 3rd Trek and I have to say it was my favorite. Don our leader was just incredible nothing was too much effort and he went out of his way to make it enjoyable. I managed to tick a number of things off my bucket list which I didn't think i'd be able to do. The first; being surrounded by snow in America and secondly staying in log cabins. We were given the option of upgrading on a number of the nights and we jumped at the chance as it was freezing. The places you visit on this Trek are just breathtaking. The first highlight (2nd day in) was the sunset cruise in San Francisco that will stay with me for a while just breathtaking. Even though it was hard hiking to Upper Yosemite Falls is a must the views make it worth it.. you feel on top of the world. I will also never forget hiking in the snow in Grand Teton National Park there are too many to mention I will be here all day! That is what I love about Trek... you do things you would never dream of doing. Like I said this is my third trek and the things I have learnt about myself and the confidence I have got from going with Trek America is incredible I have to thank them. If you are not sure whether to book a trek please just book it... you will not regret it. After finishing this review I am about to start researching my 4th!

Sim Sui
Mountain Trail

Great nature

Reviewed May 2017

This trip is less focused on cities and I saw amazing nature and wildlife (the latter in Yellowstone). My personal highlights were Yellowstone NP, Arches National Park and the Grand Canyon. I really enjoyed the walks we went for in the different places.

Sim Sui
Westerner 2

Great time on the west side

Reviewed May 2017

This was the first time I visited the west coast of the US. The trip offers and amazing mix of country side and cities and you will see many highlights of this part of the country. My favorites were Yosemite National Park, the Grand Canyon and San Diego.

Sim Sui
Best of the East

Great East coast experience

Reviewed May 2017

This was very first trip with TrekAmerica and the first time I visited the US. The trip had a great mix of nature and cities and I can warmly recommend it to everybody. My personal highlights were Chicago and water rafting. Shenandoah and the Great Smoky Monuntains were beautiful.

Jazzie Roy
Costa Rica BLT

Most amazing experience of my life!

Reviewed May 2017

The perfect blend of adrenaline, hiking, wildlife and relaxation. It was as if someone reached into my head and designed the perfect trip for me. The group size was perfect and our Tour Guide and Driver were amazing, they had so much knowledge to share about everywhere we travelled. The best part was that I didn't once feel like a tourist, we may have been shown a slightly glamorised version of Costa Rica but it was still the real deal. I would recommend this trip to anyone who's even slightly thinking about going. I promise it's so worth it.

Robyn Lyons
Atlantic Dream

Unforgettable experience

Reviewed April 2017

I did the Atlantic dream August 2016 and had an amazing time.
It was my first time traveling alone and couldn't have felt more safe. I met one of the girls for the trek in the pre hotel and instantly felt comfortable.
When the trek started everyone was so kind and our tour guid was supper helpful

Lucy Morley
Hawaii Big Island

A great opportunity to visit Hawaii as a lone traveller

Reviewed April 2017

I have just arrived back (and have gotten over my jet lag enough to write this) from the Hawaii Big Island tour. This was my 2nd Trek America tour (the first being the Southern Sun from LA back in 2011). I booked this tour because I really needed a holiday and wanted to venture to somewhere I had not been before. I was also limited with the time I was able to get off work and so this tour fitted in nicely along with a couple of days either side to relax. If this is your first Trek America, note that tours can be busy with lots of travelling and activities, if you want to relax don't do it (or have extra time before/after the trip to do this)!

We started the tour in Kona where I met the rest of the group - only 5 of us and our tour leader (but there could be up to 13 people per group) - we were given a run down of what the 8 days would include along with what to expect. We were told at this point that our itinerary would be slightly different to that on the website due to a couple of the campsites being closed for refurbishment, this meant staying in new campsites for Trek America and we were told to keep our minds open in regards to what they would be like (I think we all feared the worst) but in the end they were not as bad as we had feared - in fact we all recommended them, so maybe you'll be staying there when you go! And so we began our trip anti-clockwise around the island. I don't want to give too much away but here are my positive and negatives of the trip:

Trip Positives:
- Very little driving - maximum 3/4hrs per day and this was usually separated by stops at various sites.
- Lots of different sights to be seen - Hawaii is a very diverse island. You'll be travelling through grasslands, rainforest and lava - its pretty impressive how much the climate changes in a couple of miles!
- Lots of included activities - we were able to go snorkeling, go on a 4x4 ride, do some hiking and sunbathing.
- Opportunity to do a helicopter flight over the volcano - only myself and another member did this but it was worth every penny (or should I say cent!) - definitely a top highlight of the trip for me.
- You need to keep your eyes on the ocean whenever you can - lots of turtles and dolphins to be seen
- A great mix of camping and hotels - note that the hotels are not hotels they include cabins in the Volcanoes National Park (it felt like you were in a hotel room) and a Hostel in Hilo.

Trip Negatives:
- We were not offered as many optional extra activities as I would have liked
- Campsites were very basic - cold showers (often which were outside) or none at all (it was not as bad as it sounds - everyone is in the same boat and it really makes you appreciate the shower when you next have one!)
- Too much free time towards the end of the trip with little to do around the campsites - the campsites were generally very secluded and so did not have much to do on our free days (note that the campsites we stayed in were different to those intended) - with this being the case we managed to find things to do and there was rarely a dull moment.