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Press release date: 19th September 2010

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  • If you're planning a USA trip and want to visit a location with breathtaking views and plenty of walking opportunities, look no further than a Yosemite tour. The Yosemite National Park was one of the USA's first wilderness parks and spans almost 1,200 sq miles. Found in east central California, the natural area is home to all manner of beautiful features, from waterfalls and valleys to meadows and enormous coniferous sequoia trees.

    Book one of TrekAmerica's trips to California or tours from San Francisco and discover its beauty first-hand. The park is popular among hikers and you can see why. Home to some of the world's tallest waterfalls and enclosed by almost vertical cliffs that reach up a mile into the sky, the park offers dramatic views. Much of the park is designated wilderness and is surrounded by similar areas: the Ansel Adams Wilderness to the south-east, the Hoover Wilderness to the north-east, and the Emigrant Wilderness to the north. Because of its location within the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the park also houses some of the most scaled peaks worldwide. Overlooking the valley is El Capitan, a giant granite cliff measuring 3,000 ft vertically and one of the most popular peaks in the area. A number of granite domes also feature in the park, including the 3,000 ft high Sentinel Dome and the 4,800 ft Half Dome, both of which can be climbed, although you're likely to need permits to do so.

    After all that clambering about, you might like to stay on level ground for a while and take in the beauty of your surrounding scenery. Wander around the many meadows or follow the Pacific Crest Trail, which runs parallel with the Pacific Ocean, for some spectacular sea views. A hike along the trail will also mean you can view the park's various red metamorphic rock, such as Mount Gibbs and Mount Dana, as well as granite cliffs like Mount Conness. But if you're still hungry to get the adrenaline pumping, you might want to give the highest point in the park a go. Named after 19th century geologist Charles Lyell, Mount Lyell is 13,120 ft above sea level and can be found in the south_]east section of the park's Cathedral Range. A hike up the mountain is sure not to disappoint, as you will able to take in the sight of the park's largest glacier - Lyell Glacier - which was discovered in 1871.

    Another attraction for nature fans is sure to be the Giant Sequoia groves within the area. The ancient redwood trees are prevalent in three parts of the park, with the Mariposa Grove housing 200 trees, the Tuolumne Grove 25 trees and the Merced Grove 20 trees. The Giant Sequoia is one of the world's largest trees in terms of volume and can grow to an average height of between 165 and 280 ft, and 18 to 24 ft in diameter. However, record-breaking examples have reached 311 ft tall and 57 ft wide. You're sure to also want to witness the majestic waterfalls in the park on a Yosemite tour. Yosemite Falls flows down 2,425 ft and can be seen from several locations within the park. It is made up of three separate waterfalls and you can hike right to the top if you have the energy. If you'd rather stand back and enjoy the view, you might care to take in beautiful Ribbon Fall at 1,612 ft, or the 1,000 ft Horsetail Fall, which famously appears to be on fire when it reflects the orange light of the sunset.

    If you're keen to find out more about the history of Yosemite, there is a range of places to visit within the park, such as the Yosemite Valley Visitor Center, where it is possible to learn about how the landscape was formed and how wildlife has adapted to survive. Next door is the Yosemite Museum, which exhibits displays showing how the native Miwok and Paiute people lived from 1850 to the present. There is also a reconstructed Indian Village of Ahwahnee behind the museum, which highlights how Indians in the area once lived in their settlement within Yosemite, called Ahwahnee - which translates to place of the gaping mouth. Also in the park is the Ansel Adams Gallery, which has been transformed from its former incarnation as a painter's studio to a shrine to the work of the American photographer, who is most famous for his captured images of the American West, especially Yosemite Valley. Also in the park is the national historic landmark and famous hotel the Ahwahnee, which was built in 1927 in a rustic style. Pay a visit to view the traditional building and its picture and tapestry-lined walls. With so much to see and do on a Yosemite tour, you're sure to really enjoy your USA trip to the national park.

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