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Press release date: 23rd December 2010

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  • If you are planning a gap year travel experience, you are sure to want to see and do as many new things as possible. There are few better places to do that than the varied landscapes and cities of the USA. Where else can you spend time with real-life cowboys, visit the world's most extravagant resort and see some incredible natural landmarks in a single journey?

    The choice of experiences you could enjoy during America holidays is almost endless. The country is so big that it has a host of different terrains to see, including plains, deserts and formidable mountains. It is also home to many different cultures and, despite its relative youth as a nation, has a huge variety of historic sites to visit.

    One of the great images of American history and culture is the Wild West - a key period in the development of the country and one that has been the subject of hundreds of movies. The days of frontier exploration, Indian wars and the gold rush are, of course, over, but you can still find plenty of evidence of the traditional cowboys. There are a number of cowboy camps in the US where you will be able to live out your childhood fantasies - without the risk of being scalped or caught up in a gunfight outside the saloon bar. In fact, you are likely to find the life of a cowboy is not quite what you had imagined, but it is nonetheless fascinating.

    The highlight of any cowboy adventure is guaranteed to be horseback riding across some of America's most unforgiving terrain. You can even pull on a Stetson and cowboy boots to ensure you enjoy the authentic experience. Horseback riding and cowboy camps are available at a variety of locations, including in the Sonora Desert, where you can journey out after dark and see the coyotes, hawks and cacti by starlight. The camp is a perfect activity for tourists undertaking adventure holidays for singles, as it provides an opportunity for meeting new people and socialising. It is also in an ideal location for adding to your gap year holiday's itinerary, as it is close to a host of major natural attractions, including the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Lake Powell and the Colorado River.

    No visit to the Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California area is complete without a trip to see the Grand Canyon. This vast scar on the Arizona landscape, carved by the Colorado River, is 277 miles long and in places 18 miles wide and more than a mile deep. The statistics themselves are impressive, but you really have to visit it to understand just how magnificent a sight it is. There are lots of opportunities for hiking on the rim, from where you can enjoy some of North America's most spectacular views. You can also trek through the canyon itself, although it is important to take some expert advice about your route and weather conditions before setting off. Perhaps the best way to see the Grand Canyon is to book a seat on a pleasure flight on a helicopter or light aircraft.

    You will also want to see Monument Valley, with its spectacular collection of sandstone buttes. The valley is part of the Navajo Nation reservation, giving you the opportunity to learn more about Native American culture. It is also possible to enjoy the cowboy lifestyle and take part in horseback riding if you choose to travel down the west of the USA during your adventure holiday. You can arrange to stay in a traditional western ranch on your journey from Seattle to Los Angeles, as well as visiting genuine cowboy territory in Montana. This part of America is great for intrepid travellers, as you will be able to spot grizzly bears in Glacier National Park, explore the spectacular terrain of Yellowstone and go hiking in the Colorado Rockies.

    And if you are looking to experience the two extremes of US life, you can combine your cowboy adventures and trips to explore the country's great wilderness areas with a visit to the bright lights of Las Vegas, complete with its luxury casinos, manmade volcano and lavish shows.

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