Grand Canyon Rafting

Press release date: 20th January 2010

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  • White Water Rafting in the Grand Canyon

    The Grand Canyon in Arizona is one of the world's most spectacular natural wonders and is a must-see for anyone travelling to this part of the US.

    As well as walking or driving along its rim and marvelling at the vast scale of this huge rift in the earth, you can also undergo various activities in and around the canyon. White water rafting in the Grand Canyon is one particularly popular pursuit that has to be tried by anyone with a bold streak in them - and can be enjoyed via one of the several adventure tours available in this corner of the world.
  • The Grand Canyon

    Everyone knows that the Grand Canyon is huge, but you only really get a sense of its true scale when you're actually stood at its edge. It measures 446km long, 29km wide and an impressive 1.6km deep - meaning that it is perhaps not the best place for someone with a fear of heights! The canyon was formed during six million years of erosion and geological activity caused by the Colorado River, which runs from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado to the Gulf of California and splits the Grand Canyon National Park into two parts - the North Rim and the South Rim.

    According to park officials, the various spires, buttes, temples and mesas you can see in the canyon are mountains that you can look down upon from the two rims. Other features of the canyon include a number of waterfalls and more than 100 named rapids containing boulders that have been washed down the sides. For history buffs, there is also plenty of interest here - you may be able to pick out horizontal geological strata that cover two billion years of geological history, including the late Precambrian, Palaeozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras.
  • White Water Rafting

    So what can you expect when you book a Grand Canyon rafting trip?

    Depending on the tour, you can choose to embark on an adventure lasting several days long and including a trip down the river broken up by meals, sleeping and excursions. You may have the opportunity to go for walks that let you enjoy the amazing scenery of the Grand Canyon and will be able to indulge in meals freshly cooked by the side of the Colorado River. White water rafting can be a challenging pursuit to engage in, but beginners are normally welcome - as long as they don't have a fear of the water, of course!
  • Elsewhere in the Grand Canyon

    A number of other activities are available to visitors to the Grand Canyon. These range from guided tours and interpretive ranger programmes to special events and exhibitions. You might also want to make sure you're at the canyon at the right time to see an awe-inspiring sunrise or sunset - offering opportunities for some great photos to impress your friends with back at home. Sunrise and sunset times differ throughout the year, so check the website of the Grand Canyon National Park before you set off.
  • Outside the Grand Canyon

    If you want to take in more fantastic sights as you travel around the USA, there are further attractions outside of the Grand Canyon. The Hualapai Tribe and Skywalk at the western end of the Grand Canyon are worth a visit, as is the Havasupai Indian Reservation for some wonderful waterfalls and other scenery. Other interesting things to see in the state include the Hoover Dam and numerous parks, along with lakes perfect for some lazy picnics in the summer, the bustling state capital Phoenix and the remnants of the Old West in southern Arizona. Many events take place in the region all year round and there are plenty of pursuits and activities to engage in, whether you love to shop 'til you drop, play a leisurely round of golf in the sun or go on a driving tour of Arizona.

    Whatever you choose to do on your trip to this part of America, you can be sure you'll have an unforgettable holiday.

    TrekAmerica offers an 8 day Grand Canyon Rafting Tour with departures between May & September for US$2649/GBP£1579.

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    TrekAmerica's adventure tours of USA, Canada and Mexico are aimed at travellers aged 18-38. TrekAmerica's Grand American Adventures offers similar trips aimed at travellers of all ages, including families.
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