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Press release date: 24th February 2011

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  • Combine glitz and glamour with dramatic adventure on Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas If you are searching for a holiday that will allow you to experience the two extremes of the USA, it is difficult to beat Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas. You will begin and end your break in the lavish surroundings of Nevada's gambling capital, but spend the days in between exploring one of the world's great natural attractions.

    The Grand Canyon is a must-visit destination on any USA adventure travel experience. You are likely to be familiar with the sight from television pictures, but they cannot prepare you for the close-up view - as the scale of the canyon and the rugged nature of the terrain have to be seen to be believed. This vast scar on the Arizona landscape - which is 277 miles long and, in places, 18 miles wide and a mile deep - was carved by the Colorado River around 17 million years ago. Despite its remote location, it attracts millions of visitors every year - with sightseers and people on adventure tours in America equally likely to travel there.

    Once you arrive at the Arizona landmark you will have a choice of ways to experience the Grand Canyon. One of the most popular methods is to go hiking along the South Rim Trail, which offers some fantastic views - particularly if you time your walk to coincide with the spectacular sunrises and sunsets the area is famous for. It is also possible to arrange to hike through the canyon itself, but it will depend on the weather and how much time you have. Walking from the rim to the river and back to the rim of the canyon takes more than a day, so you will need to take camping equipment. Alternatively you could book a pleasure flight with one of the light aircraft or helicopter operators in the area. A trip by plane will give you stunning views over the whole canyon, from its forest-covered rims to its unusual rock formations. Helicopter flights tend to cover a shorter distance, but dip down into the canyon and take passengers through some of the spectacular valleys.

    Grand Canyon tours are not the only natural attraction to enjoy during adventure holidays based in Las Vegas. You will be able to visit the clusters of sandstone buttes that make Monument Valley such an unusual sight. One of the best ways to experience the valley is on a 4x4 tour around the Navajo Nation's reservation. This will allow you to see the landscape close-up and to spend the night at a traditional Native American camp. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy life on the other side of the cowboys and Indians divide, by spending a night at an old-fashioned ranch. As well as tucking into some typical cowboy meals around the campfire, you will have the chance to saddle up and explore the ranch on horseback.

    At either end of your Grand Canyon adventure holiday, you can experience the opulence of the glitziest city in the USA, Las Vegas. The metropolis is located in the desert, but is completely out of keeping with both its surroundings and its roots as a stopover on the pioneer trail. It now boasts a selection of the world's biggest casino resorts and attracts millions of people every year looking to win their fortunes. But there is far more to the casinos than card tables, roulette wheels and slot machines with multimillion-dollar jackpots. They also have nightclubs, a wide variety of restaurants and theatres staging nightly performances by some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

    As Sin City's casino owners are a competitive bunch, they are keen to be seen as the biggest and brashest - something you cannot fail to notice as you walk down The Strip. The light shows and attractions designed to tempt punters in have grown more outrageous over the years and a man-made volcano, the world's largest big top and a replica of the Eiffel Tower are among the many sights you will encounter.

    TrekAmerica's adventure tours of USA, Canada and Mexico are aimed at travellers aged 18-38. TrekAmerica's Grand American Adventures offers similar trips aimed at travellers of all ages, including families.

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