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Take off on the ultimate American road trip from Los Angeles to New York with a new bunch of mates! Cruising along, tunes cranked, wind in your hair, not a care in the world and getting off the beaten track with a whole continent in front of you to discover.

TrekAmerica's distinctive style of small group tours for 18-38s offers something different to your ordinary guided tour or package holiday. Now in our fourth decade of discovery, we have the knowledge and experience to share some old favourites and a few of our secret spots you won't find on a map.


    21 days from LOS ANGELES

    Feb-Dec from

    Cross Country - Lodging

    Travel right across the continent, from the most cool to the most populated US city - that's LA to NY in other words. If you're just not a camping sort of person, there's no finer way to roll on through a kaleidoscope of deserts, mountains, cities and canyons. Magic!

    Highlights: Southern US Road Trip | City Thrills | Small Towns

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    21 days from LOS ANGELES

    Apr-Sep from

    Cross Country - Camping

    One almighty scenic sweep stretches from ocean to ocean. Experience old frontiers and sacred Native American lands to cowboy towns and cosmopolitan cities. And fear not, hardy souls, the outdoor pursuits come thick and fast across the northern States


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    21 days from LOS ANGELES

    Mar-Oct from

    Cross Country - Camping

    This one's topped our charts for 40 years, thanks to its blend of Eastern energy and slow-paced Deep South charm mingled with mountains, canyons and deserts, before signing off on an East Coast high. Yes sir, this is one varied snapshot of the States

    Highlights: Our Most Popular Trek | Great Mix of Everything

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    21 days from LOS ANGELES

    Oct-Mar from

    Cross Country - Camping

    Beat a path from ocean to ocean, LA to NYC style. Along the way, you'll browse a whole gallery of classic Americana and leftfield oddities, from cosmopolitan cities to time-warp cowboy towns and burnt orange deserts. If only winter was always this colourful.

    Highlights: New Orleans | Cowboy Camp | Las Vegas

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    29 days from LOS ANGELES

    May-Aug from

    Cross Country - Camping

    Passing the big, the bold and the downright brash, this route carves a breathtaking trail. Get trek-happy in a heap of national parks, party hard in city after city, cross state lines and the Canadian border. Oh, and expect a few oddball experiences thrown in!

    Highlights: US Road Trip | Cities, Mountains, Plains & Coasts

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    33 days from LOS ANGELES

    Mar-Sep from

    Cross Country - Camping

    A whole patchwork quilt of experiences rolls out over 18 states. Head through plains, prairies, mountains and canyons 'til the coast calls again on the other side. Seek out the southern tip of Florida before heading to New York. It's how all road trips should be.

    Highlights: Southern US Road Trip | 17 States | Cities & Parks

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