June 2017

Is anybody else booked onto the trip from 13th - 27th June 2017?


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Yes i know what you mean, some of the longer ones look amazing but best to start smallish....I'm checking with my boss Monday on the dates then will be booking...so exciting! Definitely good to know someone first... hopefully we can get to know a few a before we go!

Hi Jennifer,

Im looking at this Trek on those dates also.....have you booked already? Have you been on a Trek before?

I've not and very nervous to book!!! Be good to know others going on the same trek!!



Hi everyone. I'm looking to book today. So nervous about flying alone? What flights will everyone be on? Xx

Hey I'm also booked on this trip. When are you's getting there? I've got my flights booked, fly out on 10th and leave the day the trip ends as I can't get any more time off work

Hey Charlottie! Im flying out on 12th 10.10am from Heathrow with Virgin and fly back on 27th 21.10pm! Im with you on the flying alone bit, but im sure it will be fine as Jennifer says there should be plenty of films etc to watch on the flight so should be good. :-)

Hi Charlottie, I'm flying out on 10th June. I fly from Manchester via Heathrow. Never done anything like this before but looking forward to it :)

Hi guys, I'm looking to book onto this. When will people be flying there and from where? :)

I just booked today but I go as you come back! 29th June until July 12th :)

Hi Becky! I've never been on a trek before, this will be my first one! Wanted to do a 4 week but thought i'll start small(ish) and see where it takes me! Let me know if you decide to book onto this one, it'll be good knowing a face before I go haha!

Hey Jemma!

I fly out on the 12th June! Arrive around 3ish i think! Will you have to miss any off the trek leaving early?

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