Travelling East or West?

The Southern Sun travels in both directions, from New York to LA or LA to New York. Which direction is better and why???


I went on this trip in 2013 and I did West to East simply because I wanted to stay in NYC for a few days afterwards. I knew I would be doing a lot of shopping etc and I thought it would be best to do that after the trek to see how much money I had left and also because I didn't wanna hava to carry everything around with me.

However, if I were going to do it again I would probably go the other way for two reasons: First, by going East to West you'll be gaining an hour every now and then because you're moving "with time" (I hope that makes sense). And second, personally I felt that most of the highlights on this trip were in the West (Zion, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley to name a few) so when we got to the East, apart from DC and NYC at the end, most places were still great but didn't WOW me that much. So I'd save the best for last so to speak :).

Great feedback, that makes total sense! Thanks!!!

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