Traveling out on my own

I'm a bit nervous about traveling out on my own. Anyone got any tips or advice?


Hi Emily. I am going on my first Southern Sun trek on my own at the end of July! It will be amazing & nothing to worry about!

Hi Emily, I've done two on my own now, there is literally no need to be nervous. You will make so many new friends by the end of day one, you'll feel like you've known your group for ages, and you'll definitely never feel like you're alone!!

Hi Lauren, thank you so much for your feedback. I have now booked myself on to the southern sun trek! :) I'm feeling more excited about the trip now!!

Hey Emily, I think we are on the same trip - 5th April right? I am travelling solo and super nervous too! First time catching a flight alone :o

Hey Katie, yes I think we are! I know it's super scary, I've never done a flight by myself either, but I think it will be the waiting at the airport by myself I'm most nervous about, I doubt it can be that hard to mess up! Lol. It's nice to get to chat to someone else who is going on the same trip :)