How much money?

How much money do you think I need to take for this trip? Or any trip?


Hi! I've come back from a Southern BLT trip. I did a blog post recently which answers the "How much spending money to bring?" dilemma. Please have a look and hopefully it answers you questions :)

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I have added together all the "optional activities" places... considering I won't be doing all of them it will save some pennies but then I have the option and can decide there incase I change my mind etc - adds up to $1772 ...


I have set $50 dollars a day ($1050) for alcohol and general spending etc which is $15 extra a day for what they recommend for Southern Sun (its what they recommend for Southern BLT) so I know that I am covered no matter what as some nights you don't do anything and others you go for dinner etc. (This covers food kitty and snacks/drinks/taxis).


Then don't forget you need the tips of about $5+ a day for the leader. ($105+)

Then when you eat out its like 18% tips everywhere.


I have then added together the food kitty of $10 day x 21 = $210.


I added a emergency fund amount of $10 a day should the worst happen haha ($210).

= Any spare can be presents.

**Vegas wipes people out of a lot of money (watched lots of vlogs where people say they wish they had more £ for vegas, or they overspent) which is why I thought allowing more money helps because the days I spend less I have more for Vegas etc, then the days I spend more I am not panicking! Also if the weather gets really bad they say you can all agree to stay in motels for $10/$20 etc, and sometimes lunches can be bought rather than made etc... so its worth over estimating so you aren't missing out on new places/experiences. The last thing you want to do is panic.**

They say the spending money costs the same amount as you paid for the trip - don't know how true that is...

I am staying on for two weeks after my trip so the extra money doesn't hurt for me as I might need it at some other point. Just aim to get a good exchange rate... I have a Revolut card which is a better rate than FX and Caxton. You get an extra $50 or so for each £1000 using Revolut over the others. Nice app too. :)

Anyway, that is long winded, but how I have done it! It is down to personal preference and personal spending habits.

I really recommend you put the tour name into Youtube and watch vlogs, because they give some great tips!!!

Fab, thanks Natasha - super helpful! :)

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