August 2017

Hey guys! I'm going one the Mountain Trail Tour starting Agusust 5th, and I was wondering if anyone is going same time as me. Would be really great to know somebody before. I'm planing to stay one extra day in both Seattle and LA, maybe someone wants to do the same. Let me know if you're going August 5th like me ! :)


Hey! Im in :)

So you're going on August 5th? :)

Yeah august 5th. Booked into hotel in seattle the night before and also the night we finish in LA. Plenty of exploring to do!

Awesome! I've thought about staying one night in both Seattle and LA, I just think it's a bit expensive! Did you find you own hotel or did you take the one TrekAmerica suggest? :)

I just let these guys book one for me. It is quite expensive i agree, thought it'd be easier that way though. Im sure there will be a few cheaper options to look for though! Where are yoy travelling from?

I guess you're right! I'm traveling from Orlando, Florida. I'm from Denmark, but I've been living here for 8,5 month so far, I'll go back to Denmark after this tour :-) What about you?

Awesome sounds cool. You doing a gap year in america or something? Im from north west England, theres lots of mountains and lakes where im from but its pretty much in the middle of nowhere!

Yes, I'm an au pair here :) So you're already used to pretty nature with mountains, that's really awesome! I'm so excited to see all the national parks, although I've already been to Grand Teton and Yellowstone, but I'm excited to see them in the summertime!

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