July 2017

Anyone booked to depart on 14th July? Would love to hear from anyone who is as I'm travelling on my own! Excited! Amy


Hi Amy, just booked to join this trip, also travelling alone. Hopefully doing a bit of New England in the two weeks before the trip with a friend though - 4 weeks off work is most of this year's holiday in one big block, but it should be worth it!

Hi! I'm staying in New York for the week before we go! Does that mean your off soon? Will you be in New York the night before? I'm sure it definitely will be! I'm just finishing my pgce so making the most of the summer holidays starting early for me this year!

Less than two weeks to go now! Yeah I think I'll be in the city the night before, just need to work out what the best way of getting from Manhattan to the start point for 7am is... I miss summer holidays

Hi Amy

I'm booked on this trip, also a teacher and will be in the departure hotel the night before we leave


Hi! I'm buzzing! I'm flying out on the 9th, also staying in manhatten the night before- where abouts are you staying? If we're close we could share a cab in the morning?!

Awesome - I'll be Upper East Side, a shared Uber may well be the easiest way of doing it so definitely up for that if we're close enough! Whereabouts are you going to be? Otherwise it looks like a train from Penn Station.

I'm in Hell's kitchen 58th street, so not too far! We will have to work out a better way of communicating rather than on here! Is your freind going to be with you still the night before?

He lives there, so will be staying at his (I'm not turning down a free bed!) I've picked up a 3 PAYG sim to use whilst i'm out there as they have a "feel at home" thing that will give me data and let me call/text UK numbers as part of my normal allowance, so once I've arrived I'll stick my holiday number up on our tour discussion board - i guess there may be others starting in Manhattan as well who might be interested. I think we're sort of making up our trip as we go along, but I'm sure we'll be around the night before if you don't have other plans!

Ah that's awesome! I need to sort my phone out to use while I'm away- on my to do list! I'll do the same thing once I get it sorted! :) yeah we will definitely be around the night before- I think we're planning on some drinks somewhere to make the most of our last night! If your freind knows any good places to go let me know! Perhaps I'll put something on our actual tour group and see if anyone else is up for meeting?

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