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Grand Canyon Rafting


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  • > Once in a lifetime adventure!!
  • > Stunning scenery and wildlife
  • > No previous rafting experience required
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Résumé du circuit

There are few experiences in life that can compare to white water rafting in the Grand Canyon. It has taken the Colorado River millions of years to create this immense canyon, stretching nearly 280 miles in length and averaging over a mile in depth. You can experience this spectacular geological extravaganza in just eight days on this Grand Canyon rafting trip, and let's not forgot an exciting day exploring legendary Las Vegas. You'll leave civilization far behind as you travel the entire length of the canyon aboard specially designed motorized rafts, embracing the thrill of the white-water and exploring gigantic caverns, emerald pools and waterfalls that can only be found from the water. This is the ultimate Grand Canyon rafting adventure you've been searching for!

Les activités prévues

  • > Raft the entire length of the Grand Canyon
  • > Enjoy up to class IV white-water rapids
  • > Spot soaring birdlife
  • > Enjoy Grand Canyon exhilarating trails
  • > Camp on the banks of the Colorado River
  • > Hike and swim in side canyons
  • > Gourmet meals prepared daily on the river
  • > Bright lights of Las Vegas
  • > Services of professional rafting guide/boatman
  • > Roundtrip transportation from/to Las Vegas & Colorado River
  • > 7 nights camping

Les activités optionnelles (à payer sur place)

  • > All activities available in the Grand Canyon are included in the price

A Noter

Unlike other, shorter rafting trips down the upper canyons of the Colorado, the total number of raft trips allowed down the Grand Canyon are very limited, and as such, we strongly urge you to book early to avoid disappointment. Please note, Grand American Adventures clients will join our local partner for Grand Canyon Rafting departures.

No previous rafting experience is required; however, we do suggest that you are confident in and around water and are willing to live without a mobile phone signal for the duration of the trip!

Our normal maximum group size on this tour is 14, but our April and September departures may have a maximum size of 20.

Départs privés

Pourquoi ne pas organiser votre propre circuit Trek America? Pour les groupes de 8 personnes ou plus, nous pouvons organiser des départs privés sur l'un de nos itinéraires publiés permettant aux amis, familles ou groupes de profiter de nos treks classiques à des prix spéciaux. Bien que les visites se déroulent selon l'itinéraire standard, de légères modifications peuvent être apportées et les dates peuvent être fixées en fonction de vos besoins (sous réserve de restrictions saisonnières ou opérationnelles). Alors contactez-nous aujourd'hui et commencez à planifier votre aventure.

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Votre Itinéraire

Nos itinéraires ont été soigneusement choisis afin que vous passiez vos nuits dans les lieux les plus insolites. Toutefois, les conditions locales et les demandes des passagers varient, il n'y a pas deux voyages identiques. Il est possible de modifier certains sites de campement en accord avec votre trek leader, ce qui vous permettra de vivre une expérience unique !


    Day 1). Las Vegas > Lees Ferry
    An early 05:00 hrs departure takes you to historic Lees Ferry where your journey will begin and where you'll have your first taste of the mighty Grand Canyon and the snaking Colorado River. Don't let the calm waters fool you, the rapids aren't far away and as soon as you see the boats you'll be eager to set off on your incredible voyage of discovery.

    Days 2-7). Colorado River/Grand Canyon
    The Grand Canyon offers the most spectacular geological extravaganza on earth. Despite being a desert setting, plants and wildlife thrive. Cacti, wildflowers, Bighorn Sheep, Mule Deer, coyotes and Ringtail Cats may be seen along the banks, while overhead many species of birds may be observed, including hawks, Golden Eagles, falcons, Great Blue Herons and egrets.

    You will have the opportunity to hike and swim inside canyons, as well as running class IV white-water rapids. Due to the length of river covered in eight days, specially crafted motorised rafts are used for safety and comfort while rafting in the Grand Canyon. These allow ample supplies to be carried for the entire journey so travellers of all fitness levels can enjoy this incredible experience.

    Not all of your time is spent on the water, you'll have ample time to hike some of the trails and stretch those legs. A visit to Havasu Creek is a highlight for most travellers on this trip with the incredible contrast of colours from the vibrant turquoise blue waters set against a backdrop of rich red rock, simply stunning.

    There's no need to pack much for our Grand Canyon rafting trips, the climate is mild and just a few changes of clothes are needed. We supply waterproof river bags and camera boxes so you can focus on enjoying the sights and sounds of the river; hidden trails, secluded riverside campsites and stunning canyon sunsets and sunrises.

    Day 8). Transfer back to Las Vegas
    Your Grand Canyon white water rafting trip comes to an end with an exhilarating jet boat ride along Lake Mead before transferring back to Las Vegas where you can prepare to be dazzled all over again. Perhaps treat yourself to a celebratory drink after what can only be described as an incredible adventure and slowly ease yourself back into normality.


    There will be a welcome orientation meeting in the lobby of the Residence Inn by Marriott hotel at 20:00 hrs the night before the tour begins. You will meet your group and discuss any questions relating to the upcoming adventure on the river.


    Rafting and camping along the Colorado River is the ultimate way to explore the Grand Canyon. With a relaxed pace and tranquil surroundings, this tour is perfect for experiencing the great outdoors and observing wildlife in its natural habitat.

    No previous rafting experience is required, however we do suggest that you are confident in and around water and that you are willing to live without a mobile phone signal for the duration of the trip! If you have any disabilities, please make us aware of them at the time of booking. This doesn't mean you are exempt from joining the trip, but we may need to plan accordingly.

    "The Grand Canyon rafting trip was one of the most incredible experiences of my travelling life. It offered me the chance for full emersion, to switch off the mobile and discover a very different side of a place visited so frequently. Don't hesitate in booking this trip!" Simon B.


    No problem. Neither can many of the people who raft the Grand Canyon! We will supply US Coast Guard approved life preservers for all participants.


    The simplicity and design of the 37-foot S-Rig make this craft ideal for Grand Canyon white water rafting. Thanks to the boat's ability to transport all supplies needed for eight days or more of travel, guests can traverse the canyon in first-class comfort. Although the safety and manoeuvrability engineered into the S-Rig have minimized the effort required to raft through the canyon, they have not at all diminished the thrills of white-water river running. The most formidable rapids of the Colorado River, which Major Powell and other early explorers travelled down, are amongst the most eagerly anticipated highlights.


    The design of our boats enables us to carry several hundred pounds of ice, which will last the entire trip. Every meal is prepared with fresh meats and produce. All food is prepared by our boatmen, who have mastered the art of Dutch-oven cooking. We provide generous quantities of cold soft drinks, fruit juice and filtered water which are available to you throughout the day.

    A hearty breakfast of bacon or sausage, eggs with muffins, pancakes or French toast, fruit, cereal, juice, coffee, cocoa and tea is available each morning. Lunches are picnic style. They consist of a selection of delicatessen meats and cheeses, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, onions and olives. You make your own sandwich with a choice of breads. Chips, cookies, fruit, nuts and candy are served and a choice of drinks (juice, soda pop, water) are all available. Included are 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 6 dinners.

    Dinners are filling, as they should be after an activity-filled day. Main dishes include filet mignon, halibut, Mexican dinners, shrimp, pork fillet, chicken and pasta. Each night we serve a salad, either tossed, green, fruit or vegetable. We also serve cooked vegetables such as corn, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes and potatoes. Desserts consist of Dutch-oven cakes or cobblers, pound cake, fruit and cookies. A selection of cold beverages is always available.


  • 7:00 AM

    You awake to the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee. Although the sun will not flood our camp for some time, the tops of the Grand Canyon's walls already are aglow with sunlight. While eggs, sausage and muffins cook, sleeping bags are being packed.

  • 9:00 AM

    You enter a series of rapids and a great Blue Heron takes off down-river, wings pumping; both bird and its surroundings seem somehow prehistoric. Embrace the coolness of the shadow and tilt your head back and see the sunlight slowly making its way down the epic canyon walls.

  • 11:00 AM

    South Canyon intersects the river, signalling that Vasey's Paradise is just ahead. A paradise, indeed! Sunlight seems to explode from the fountains of water gushing from the Grand Canyon's walls. Lush growths of moss and ferns seem strangely out of place in this desert setting. You drift close to the gushing water, giving everyone aboard a welcome shower.

  • 12:00 Noon

    Our boats stop for lunch in the shade of Redwall Cavern. Inside this great cave, there's room enough for a game of softball!

  • 2:00 PM

    As two Golden Eagles soar lazily overhead, you drift quietly along soaking in your surroundings and your boatman tells you the story of Bert Loper's historic river run in 1949. You feel the heat, but soon a roller coaster rapid refreshes you. We sight moon lilies abloom at the mouth of Saddle Canyon. A hike to explore Saddle is topped off with a cold soda.

  • 6:00 PM

    You make for Nankoweap a site of ancient Indian ruins and your campsite for the night. After a dinner of fillet, Dutch-oven potatoes, green salad and cherry cobbler, we hike to the ruins and view the river below.

  • 9:00 PM

    Those who cannot stay awake find their sleeping bags. Bed tonight is beneath the Milky Way and a canopy of stars that dwarfs even the Grand Canyon.


    We contribute $1 per person to support the Grand Canyon Conservation Fund - a non-profit organisation working directly with worthy conservation groups such as Friends of the River, Grand Canyon Trust and others. The money is used to further research and protection of the Grand Canyon.

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