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One of the best things about being on the road with TrekAmerica is the awesome group experience you'll have along the way. But questions about who you might be travelling with is a frequent topic on our TrekAmerica Live forums.

Some of the hot questions are "Who else travels with TrekAmerica?", "Will I get on with my group?" and "Can I join a Trek on my own?". Well, our trekkers can be a varied bunch from first time single travellers to experienced adventurers, all seeking the spirit of the open road. Our passengers come from all walks of life and this is one of the secret ingredients that makes our tours so great!

So if you're considering joining a trek and are asking yourself the same questions, why not read on and meet some of our Featured Trekkers who travelled in the past few years:

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  • Featured Trekker: Craig (UK)

    Age when travelled: 23
    Tour booked: Westerner 2
    Trekker status: Solo Gap Year Traveller

    "It was a bit of a last minute booking really, but the best 2 weeks of my entire traveling year!"

    Read Craig's story here >
  • Featured Trekker: Elaine (UK)

    Age when travelled: 28
    Tour booked: Westerner 2
    Trekker status: Solo Traveller on annual holiday

    "I was apprehensive about travelling to America alone. I liked the fact TrekAmerica had small groups so you could really bond with your companions."

    Read Elaine's story here >
  • Featured Trekker: Hans (Belgium)

    Age when travelled: 25
    Tour booked: Pacific Dream & Klondike
    Trekker status: Solo Traveller on annual holiday

    "The Klondike I joined was the pre-last one that you organised. And actually to be honest, it was the best trip ever in my life that I did in a group."

    Read Hans' story here >
  • Featured Trekker: Erin (UK)

    Age when travelled: 18
    Tour booked: Trailblazer
    Trekker status: First time traveller

    "I loved getting to know different people in the group and learning about their culture as well as experiencing America."

    Read Erin's story here >
  • Featured Trekker: Amy (UK)

    Age when travelled: 22
    Tour booked: Southern Sun
    Trekker status: Career Break

    "I spontaneously booked Trek America after a break up. Ended up being the best decision I could make. A year and a half later I ended up backpacking with one of the girls I met on the trip."

    Read Amy's story here >
  • Featured Trekker: David (UK)

    Age when travelled: 28
    Tour booked: Trailblazer
    Trekker status: Travelled with girlfriend

    "There's more to life than just working, and I think TrekAmerica gave me the bug to travel."

    Read David's story here >

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