The original TrekAmerica way - camp your way across the continent. Don't worry if you've never camped before, it's brilliant! Camping is the original all-American outdoor adventure - nothing beats sitting around the campfire toasting s'mores and talking about your day with your Trek mates.

Most of our Trekkers come back and say that camping was one of the highlights of their trip. American and Canadian campsites aren't like pitching a tent in your garden - most have showers and laundry facilities, and sometimes even swimming pools and Jacuzzis! And when the weather's good there's sometimes no need for the tent at all - you can bring your sleeping bag out into the open and sleep under a blanket of stars.

  • Where you'll lay your head

    All the campgrounds we stay at are selected for either their scenic beauty or their convenience to the places you'll explore. Many campgrounds are situated close to National Parks or on beaches so you can get back to nature and see the parts of America not seen by other tourists. Showers, laundromats, shops and swimming pools are commonplace and most camping trips have nights at hotels or hostels in cities included in the tour price, so you can stay right in the heart of the action.
  • Lodging nights

    Most camping trips have nights at hotels or hostels in cities included in the tour price, so you can stay right in the heart of the action when you're in these iconic cities. On lodging nights you'll simply need to drop your bags, freshen up and you're ready to go and explore.
Budget Lodging
  • All equipment is provided (except a sleeping bag!)

    On camping tours we provide all the necessary equipment including high quality tents, a padded roll mat to sleep on, camp lights, food storage containers and cooking equipment. All you need to bring is a sleeping bag! Our high quality tents are very easy to set up and take down on your own, and your leader will show you how. We camp with two in each spacious tent, which leaves more than enough room for your luggage. Home sweet home!
Camping in Bishop
  • It's all about teamwork

    An essential part of your camping tour is helping with the day to day camp duties. With guidance from your tour leader, the team spirit makes the chores easy and enjoyable. From setting up camp in the evening to breaking it down in the morning, and unloading the vehicle to shopping for food and preparing group meals, you'll be part of the team.
Camping in Canada
  • Food Kitty

    We've made it easy to keep an eye on what could be one of the biggest expenses of your trip - food! If everyone bought breakfast, lunch and dinner separately each day, you're looking at one heck of a bill at the end of your trip. We make the most of our group buying power with the Food Kitty. On camping trips, everyone contributes $10 a day towards food for the group which usually covers 3 meals a day for the days spent camping.

    We buy fresh meat, fruit and vegetables as we go and cook together, sharing the cooking and camp duties. We find it's a great way to eat fresh, healthy food at an unbeatable price and with little waste, and as we're buying our own foods it's easy to cater for everyone's needs and tastes. Occasionally we'll eat at a restaurant, each paying our own way and enjoy local specialities - Mexican tacos, chilli dogs, pretzels and deep pan pizzas.
Food kitty Rafting Lunch
Popular Camping Tours

    7 days from LOS ANGELES

    Apr-Oct from

    USA West - Camping

    We've piled in the highlights for a seriously hot and fun-packed week in California. Travel the stunning Pacific coastline to the city by the bay, San Francisco, explore the wonders of Yosemite National Park and top off your adventure in Vegas!


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    10 days from NEW YORK AREA

    Apr-Jun from

    USA East - Lodging

    If you live, breathe and dream about food, then is the tour for you. Treat your taste buds to some of America's foodie delights while travelling through some of the cultural and historical hotspots as you make your way from New York City to New Orleans.

    Highlights: Eat your way from New York to New Orleans

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    14 days from LOS ANGELES

    Mar-Oct from

    USA West - Camping

    Mix it up with one potent California, Nevada and Arizona cocktail. The Pacific Coast sets an ultra mellow tone while a blend of adrenaline-fuelled cities adds real zest to the mix. Serve on the rocks; none beat those around the Sierra Nevada and Grand Canyon


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    14 days from NEW YORK AREA

    May-Sep from

    USA East - Camping

    Cram a huge helping of the East into two fantastic weeks, with vibrant cities, white-knuckle theme park rides and white sandy beaches. Add Washington's impressive Monuments and Miami's salsa beats and the sights and sounds are near endless.


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    21 days from NEW YORK AREA

    Apr-Oct from

    Cross Country - Camping

    This one's topped our charts for 40 years, thanks to its blend of Eastern energy and slow-paced Deep South charm mingled with mountains, canyons and deserts, before a laid-back West Coast sign off. Yes sir, this is one varied snapshot of the States.


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    63 days from NEW YORK AREA

    Mar-Aug from

    Cross Country - Camping

    So how about more than two months dedicated to all things Stateside? We've combined our Coast to Coast North and South Treks to create one vast circuit that takes in the best of the US. Seriously, if you want full throttle adventure, this is the big one!

    Highlights: The Mother of all Road Trips | 33 States

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  • THE GREAT 48

    80 days from MIAMI

    May from

    Cross Country - Camping

    Want to see it all? How about the chance to travel through the great 48 states of America's 50 in one delicious road trip extravaganza? Snake the continent taking in 19 National Parks, countless small towns and some of the craziest cities.

    Highlights: Visit all 48 contiguous states of America

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