Westerner 2 BLT

Catherine & Richard, UK

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  • My fiancé and I did Westerner 2 back in June/July 2008. It was our first Trek and we weren't sure what it would be like but it sounded too good to miss when we looked online. Oh boy, are we glad we did it! From the first meeting, we could tell we had a fab group of fellow trekkers and our Trek leader Alex settled our nerves straight away - she was awesome the whole trip!

    First off along the Californian coast, the scenery is stunning and the ride in the van was great fun playing getting to know you games. After a couple of nights along the coast, and a stop at a little town called Monterey for some clam chowder, we eventually ended up in San Fran. We were lucky enough to get there when it was gay pride day parade and the whole city was buzzing! One of our many highlights was walking over the Golden Gate Bridge, followed by a sunset cruise underneath it later on.

    In Yosemite, the group split and we did our own thing. As a couple, we split off too into boys and girls groups to go rafting lazily down the river - total bliss. Two people on our trek even climbed to the top of Half Dome Mountain!

    After relaxing in Yosemite, it was off to the bright light city - Las Vegas!! An amazing highlight here was the group together riding in style in a Hummer Limo down 'The Strip' - WOW! Not only that but we were on top of the Stratosphere hotel on 4th July Independence Day and there were fireworks as far as the eye could see!!

    After all the excitement, and some hangovers, we arrived at the Grand Canyon. This was my personal favourite place ever! After watching the sunrise over the rocks, some of us hiked down in to the canyon itself. Be careful though - the heat really is deadly but there are plenty of signs to explain about staying safe so just do what they say and you'll be fine. Later on, we girls went horse riding nearby - Western Style. Wahoo!

    As if that wasn't enough, San Diego was a nice rest with the beach nearby and lots to do. The group split again: some went across the border to Tijuana, Mexico (passports at the ready), some went to Sea World and we chose to go to the world famous zoo.

    Finally, the last leg of the journey took us back to LA where Alex gave us a tour up Beverley Hills to a remote spot to take the best photos of the Hollywood sign. We even had time to catch a baseball game watching the Dodgers.

    Hope this helps you if you're in two minds whether to book on Trek - DO IT! You'll never regret it. We even booked again and did Atlantic Dream down the East coast last year and are now looking to go to Canada next year.
Westerner 2 - Golden Gate Bridge Westerner 2 - Yosemite Westerner 2 - Grand Canyon Westerner 2 - Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride Westerner 2 - LA Chinese Theatre

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