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Keith Pinkerton, Northern Ireland

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  • A number of months ago I signed and paid up to go with Trek America and travel around the west coast of USA on the Westerner 2 trip. After going on the Best of the East tour in 2001 I thought that nothing could match that trek. However along with 13 other people including a great tour leader Dave Bandes aka Captain Fishsticks I embarked on a journey which by the end had turned a group of strangers from across the world into a group of close friends.

    This trek brought us to some of the most amazing places that the west coast of America has to offer. From the hectic city life of Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Vegas not to mention the trip across to Mexico (something our group will not forget in a hurry, remember the tequila and that bar!!) to the relaxed and peaceful Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park and Zion we got to see it all in such a short time. This trek also took us to some spots that you would probably not visit if you were travelling alone including Angels Landing in Zion, thanks Dave that hike was amazing.

    Visiting the Grand Canyon is also something I will never forget and believe me you have to visit it to really appreciate one of the most amazing sites in the world.

    The trek was two weeks in total but the time flew by and there was never a dull moment on our bus. The collection of toys we picked up at each stop, the drawings on the bus, the book of quotes, the endless conversations about almost any topic and the constant supply of alcohol (well there was an Irishman and Scotsman on the tour!!) brought us all closer together. However one moment of torture was the girls' insistence of listening to the Spice Girls on the way into Vegas (that was a traumatic experience for all us guys on the trip!!!)

    To sum up this trek we began as 14 strangers in Los Angeles but after two weeks together we shared so many laughs and unbelievable experiences that we will not forget and this trek has developed a number of friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. If you get the opportunity do not hesitate to go on a trek as it will be an experience you will never forget.
LA Golden Gate Bridge and Flag Yosemite Valley Zion National Park

    14 days from LOS ANGELES

    Mar-Oct from

    USA West - Camping

    Mix it up with one potent California, Nevada and Arizona cocktail. The Pacific Coast sets an ultra mellow tone while a blend of adrenaline-fuelled cities adds real zest to the mix. Serve on the rocks; none beat those around the Sierra Nevada and Grand Canyon


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    21 days from LOS ANGELES

    Apr-Oct from

    USA West - Camping

    Four states in three weeks makes for one heck of a road trip. Taste the laidback West coast vibe, and the outrageous glitz of Tinseltown and Vegas. Explore wide open plains where cowboys and Indians once hung out and discover pure 100% Southwest USA


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