Death Valley

Craig, UK

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  • Hi I thought I'd take a minute out to congratulate TrekAmerica on the W3W (Western Sun) tour that I recently went on. We started the tour on the 16th November with Khriss Urban & unfortunately finished on Sunday 6th December (none of us wanted it to end). I cannot praise Khriss enough for what he did for us & brought to the tour! He was such an enthusiastic leader, always ensuring we had fun but never pushing it down our throats, like so many do. He was always so genuine & honest with the information he gave us & went out of his way to find the truth if he didn't know! Cooking of the Sloppy Joe's wasn't bad either!

    Betty & Rustys cowboy ranch was possibly one of the best & most fun inserts of the entire trip, I wish we could have stayed longer & done a bit more horse whispering! (Tull: what did u say to that animal to get that reaction?) Seeing the Grand Canyon (actually a Gorge) in 3 different lights was amazing & the most spectacular act of nature I have ever seen! The 1st time was a short rim walk followed, in the next day, by a foggy, snowy & windy long rim walk, then it rocked off! We set off early in the morning for the Chopper ride & with the snow still settled, we saw the Grand Canyon in all it's glory with a marshmallow layer of snow! How many people can say they've seen that!!

    The whole trip was so expertly performed by all parties evolved, but I tip my hat to the one man that put up with my bad jokes & constant wind! Khriss Urban I salute you!
Arches Van Rusty The Cowboy Grand Canyon Winter

    13 days from LOS ANGELES

    Oct-Mar from

    USA West - Camping

    This thrilling two week loop runs like a greatest hits of the US Southwest. Trace the cove-lined coast and uncover its vibrant cities. Cross roaring rivers, span arid deserts, and gaze over the grandest canyon - not forgetting a certain neon gambling oasis!

    Highlights: San Diego | Cowboy Camp | Monument Valley

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