Alaska Scenic

Ruth Sheldon, UK

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  • Driving the Alaskan highway, averaging 10mph across the potholed surface, the grinding of thawed winter gravel under the van wheels - White Lightning (the group's name for our trailer:)) bobbing behind to the rhythm of Johnny Cash in the background. Never before have I seen such breathtaking scenery, the ebony black mountains ready to bloom into a blanket of pine topped with a covering of feather soft driven snow.

    Round every corner the camera clicks and sense of awe fill the van, a general agreement within The Icebreakers (again our groups name for ourselves:)) that scenery cannot possibly get much better than this! We pull into one of the designated viewpoints on route and all filter out into the fresh, icy Alaskan air pierced with the golden sunrays reflecting back of the white canvas of snow, this adding a somewhat dreamlike feel to the surroundings.

    Excitement is always building that we will spot another bear, true we have seen many from the van (11 so far) but to spot one without the security of the van doors to separate us would certainly add to the adrenalin! Photos taken and the view soaked up long enough to memorize forever we all pile back in to the van ready to continue our drive to our next stop eager to camp in such surroundings.

    We are ready for another tasty dinner, crackling campfire chatter and another cosy night wrapped up in our tents, to me the places we have seen so far are only matched by possibly the best group of people I've ever met!

Wilderness Camp Bear Alaska Mountains

    13 days from ANCHORAGE

    Jun-Aug from

    Alaska - Camping

    Amazement and your thrill-seeking compadres make great travel buddies on this tour. In the land of the midnight sun mountains soar, rivers churn and glaciers gleam electric blue. Glassy lakes and fragrant pine play their part too. The result is, well, wonderful.

    Highlights: Denali | Kenai Peninsula | Wildlife Boat Cruise

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