Monument Valley Road

Phyllis Lau, Scotland

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  • Absolutely incredible 6 weeks going cross country with The Grand Trek! Had an AWESOME time! It was my second trip with Trek but my first time travelling alone and it was the best experience ever. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

    Before getting started on the highlights of the trip, a big shout out to everyone who made up our trip especially my 2 tent buds Ellie and Hannah, and of course our tour leader Art Frasier-thanks for putting up with us for 6 weeks! :) Tour leader in a million.

    I have so many favourite places and so many highlights ranging from the obvious big time attractions to the nights around camp and the van banter! The 4x4 tour in Monument Valley was so interesting and the views were ace, including the lightening storm we watched whilst eating birthday cake on Caitlin's 19th! Our first rodeo in Cody; Rave night in Badlands NP - the ranch we stayed in was gorgeous with the involvement of 'Art's Marvellous Medicine'!; White Sands was absolutely stunning; White Water Rafting in Tennessee was exhilarating; Looking like Smurfs on the Maid of the Mist!; Washington DC by night was cool too. Our stumble down Bourbon Street was brilliant, experiencing Hurricanes and Hand Grenades and dancing the night away! San Francisco was just as I remembered it-head to Johnny Rockets on Fisherman's Wharf to taste the best milkshakes on the planet! The limo ride, gambling and all other shenanigans in Sin City was fab!; The bike tour in Chicago was excellent, seeing all the sites by night light was really cool. All of the national parks were great and the views from the hikes were fantastic! A few of the stops are for 2 days so my advice would be to make the most of the free days, there's definitely plenty to keep you occupied!

    These highlights aren't exclusive, I could go on and on. I AM going on and on! If you're thinking about it just go for it! That's what I did and I don't regret it for a second! I have made an awesome group of new friends and we are still all keeping in touch! It's you and your fellow trekkers that make the trip so make the most of it! The memories will stay with you for a lifetime!
Monument Valley Jeep Tour Niagara Falls - Maid of the Mist Washington Illuminated Monument San Francisco Pier

    43 days from NEW YORK AREA

    Apr-Sep from

    Cross Country - Camping

    Over six non-stop weeks you'll travel from coast to coast and back again. From towering mountains to white sand beaches, from the top of skyscrapers to the bottom of canyons, this fast and furious loop highlights the best of the USA - North and South!

    Highlights: Coast to Coast | 26 States in 6 Weeks

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