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Ruth Montgomery, Northern Ireland

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  • For one young Irish girl, the thought of trekking in America, with a bunch of complete strangers was perhaps one of the most exciting yet daunting things ever!!! Here I was fulfilling my dreams and it was to surpass my every expectation!!!! The trek began will an illumination tour of Washington D.C, however it went beyond your usual tour guide experience, catering to the taste of young people, rather than the usual OAP lectures many tour guides like to embark on. We had flexibility, a say in what we wanted to see, where we wanted to go! This night was like no other night, it was like sleep-walking though your wildest dreams. The first sighting of the Capitol building, with its magical luminous glow was something to take your breath away, with its intricate design, juxtaposed to the simply beautiful yet awe inspiring Washington monument, acting like a pillar of light against the dark night sky.

    Our trek leader Will, by this time had become our trek buddy as well as our guide, treating us as friends rather than clients. He took us to the site of the Lincoln memorial, giving us a fascinating outline of the significance of the site upon which we stood, pointing out the reflecting pool featured in Forest Gump, and the very point on which Martin Luther made his historical "I have a dream speech". Of course I couldn't resist having a photo opportunity on these famous steps. The view from there will be embedded among my most amazing memories ever, looking down upon the luminous Washington monument with its reflection creating a magical sliver of rippling light, in the fantastic reflecting pool, perfectly positioned to create a sight like no other. All of the trek crew had that look on our faces that said "this is life at its best".

    The night ended with a tour of the deeply meaningful memorials dedicated to the millions of soldiers who gave their lives for the land in which they were so dedicated to. The black granite walls, embedded in the earth and etched with the names of so many soldiers, was a moving and unforgettable sight, a moment I felt honoured to share with a group of people who I had formed friendships with in such a short space of time. This was only the first night and what was to follow was even more breath-taking than I could imagine. The week to follow was without doubt the most adventure fulled week of my entire life, one I will never forget!!

    One of the most amazing things about Trek America, is that they take you beyond the obvious. They take you to places the ordinary tourist would simply miss out on and they cover so many areas offering a wide range of activities at affordable prices. They offered me a chance to fulfill my dreams of traveling America in the limited time I had. They have not seen the last of me! The thought of my next trek leaves me tingling with excitement!!!
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    When time is in short supply look no further. Leave the world behind for eye-catching wilderness and the camaraderie of the campsite. Delve into three big-hitting cities where everything seems possible. A whole heap of must-sees in just one week.


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