Canyon Adventure

Anthony Robson, England

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  • Well trek no. 3 completed, they say this is one of the most adventurous of treks and surely it was. Lots of hiking mixed in with great outdoor activities. But only one downside I can think of is that if you're thinking of doing this trek be prepared to do lots of hikes.

    Be prepared to use up lots of energy and make sure you drink lots of water. I may recommend that you need to be very fit for the hikes as some of them are very difficult with some elevation climb, you must have some respect for the hikes and look after your body too. If your instinct says "no" then don't do the hardest hike, however there are much easier ones depending on the location.

    Apart from that, the cowboy camp night was lots of fun and you can get to meet up with a few other groups from different treks alike, be sure to sample the steak dinner, they know how to cook their meats over there! And then dance the night away in their party barn. The Navajo Indian culture was simply fascinating, take a ride on their 4x4 tour and experience some traditional Indian singing while lying back on a warm rock, simply very relaxing.

    You will then hit Moab and Zion national parks where more activities and hiking await for you there before going back to tacky but civilised 24/7 gambling capital Las Vegas. It's best to stay a few days there after your tour as there's simply lots to see and do there. Spend an evening trying your luck on the slots or try and beat the hands "Casino Royale" style on the poker tables. The most adventurous tour? I would agree.
Angels Landing Bryce Canyon Monument Valley Plain

    10 days from LAS VEGAS

    May-Sep from

    USA West - Camping

    The name says it all! Experience 5 amazing and diverse national parks with loads of time to enjoy them; plus a once in a lifetime overnight 4x4 desert adventure.


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