Atlantic Dream

Anthony Robinson, England

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  • It has now been 8 months since my holiday with TrekAmerica and it has been the best decision I've ever made to date. I was a single traveller and was added to a group of 10 other single people from all over the world. I got to know a few people first by looking on the message board of the website, so when I met them all on the meet up all I ever worried about was to get there on time. When we all joined up we got to introduce ourselves. After a while we all blended in straight away.

    All 14 days of the tour were very well used. We started off from New York City to Miami. First stop was Washington DC where all the museum entrances were free to get in, a view of the White House and an emotional walk around the war memorials.

    Onto Great Smokey Mountains, near Virginia, where we had the opportunity to do some white water rafting and some beautiful hikes around the area. Then we hit Tennessee where the world famous Jack Daniels brewery was based where all you had to smell was the fumes of the whisky being made, good times! We visited the town next to it where the souvenir shops were and I purchased my prized item the Jack Daniels tumbler glass and shot glass :)

    Then, the long haul trip down to the jazz and Mardi Gras capital New Orleans! We all went out on a Saturday night and it was amazing! We all sampled the famous jambalaya dish basically a mixture of rice, shrimp and chicken with spices delicious! While washing it down with a few hurricane cocktails woohoo! And that kicked started our night out in style. When you walk on the main street you had people throwing colourful necklace beads down from the first floor terraced houses as you're meant to wear them around your neck. I must admit I felt a bit like Mr. T off the A-Team. A heavy night of clubbing and drinking as much as you can around the bars AMAZING, but the only down point was a very sore head the next morning, ouch!

    We then headed on to Panama City near Florida which was just spent chilling out on the beach before our next destination Orlando home of Walt Disney World checking out the latest rides and rollarcoasters, another day jet skiing along the coast and a rare sight of dolphins swimming along with you, wow! Then onto Key Largo crocodile country with a swamp tour and a crocodile wrestling show, Steve Irwin eat your heart out. Finally, onto Miami with the last day before my flight home. I was very sad to see my fellow trekkers leaving as we all became good friends so what we decided to do was to exchange phone numbers and email addresses.

    I was very sad but felt I had an amazing time, one of the best holidays I have had for a long time. When my plane took off from Miami back to London Heathrow I am already planning my next trip. Thanks to all of the TrekAmerica team for organising my trip and for the tour leader on the trip Jessica Durcan, you guys are the greatest!!! If anyone is thinking of doing a trip with TrekAmerica JUST DO IT! If you don't you will regret it. The adventure continues??? You bet!!!
NYC Taxis The White House New Orleans Mardi Gras Bourbon Street Sign Alligator

    14 days from NEW YORK AREA

    May-Sep from

    USA East - Camping

    Cram a huge helping of the East into two fantastic weeks, with vibrant cities, white-knuckle theme park rides and white sandy beaches. Add Washington's impressive Monuments and Miami's salsa beats and the sights and sounds are near endless.


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