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Many travellers are convinced that Peru is the most colourful nation in South America. It had thriving Indian civilizations long before the Spaniards arrived and its ruins, including Machu Picchu, are the most spectacular on the continent.

If you're planning a tour to Peru, there is plenty to see and do! While trekking the traditional Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is the most famous journey, there are many other dynamic places to visit including Colca Canyon, a gorge twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, the mysterious Nazca Lines and Lake Titicaca's island communities.

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Highlights of our Peru Tours

  • Cusco
    In the heart of the Incan Empire and home to the nearby Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu sits Cusco. This imperial city was laid out in the rough shape of a puma and holds many historical and archaeological treasures. Today, its orderly streets bear witness to the extraordinary skill of Inca stonemasons; many are still lined with precisely interlocked stonework which serves as the foundation for later buildings from the colonial era, creating an atmospheric pastiche of contrasting architectural styles.
  • Machu Picchu
    The magnificent "Lost city of the Incas" rediscovered by American archaeologist Hiram Bingham in 1911, stands on a high saddle dominated by the jungle-clad peak of Wayna Picchu. This is the ultimate hiking destination. Join one of our Inca Trail tours and take the winding trails to its summit, or the comfortable train, for dramatic views of the city spread out below or simply just wander the myriad of steps and stairways of the site, revealing as they do a vast complex of immense structural, historical and archaeological worth.
  • Lake Titicaca
    Sitting at an altitude of 3850m, Lake Titicaca is the highest navigatable lake in the world. The air is thin and clear and the glistening icecaps of a cordon of Andean peaks seem close. The Uros Indians literally live on the lake, where their life is based on the tortora reed, which grows in the lake and is used to construct their floating reed islands and boats. On Taquile Island you can glimpse an age-old way of life with rich traditions of weaving, music and dance. The local style of dress echoes that worn in colonial times.
Cusco Machu Picchu Peru Lake Titicaca
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